Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi (Okami-san and Her Seven Companions)

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    Name: Ookami-san Series (Okami-san and Her Seven Companions)
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    Publisher: - Dengeki Bunko (ASCII Media Works)

    Date: August 10, 2006 - April 08, 2017 (12 volumes)

    Author: Masashi Okita

    Illustrator: Unaji

    Synopsis: Ookami Ryouko is a spunky and, by some accounts, rather manly high school girl. She is tall, speaks in a traditionally masculine way and is very proficient in fighting. Ookami-san's best friend is the small and high-pitched voiced Akai Ringo. Incidentally, the two are rather flat-chested, a fact the Narrator (voiced by Arai "Kuroko" Satomi of Railgun fame) is all too eager to point out.

    Ookami and Ringo are members of the Otogi Bank, a club in Otogi High School that assists students with their problems in return for their assistance on a different problem at a later date; thus the Otogi Bank is effectively a loan institute for problems where you can take out a loan for a solved problem but you have to repay it sooner or later.

    The Otogi Bank is able to solve any problem and will go to any lengths to do so, often leading the members to danger or mayhem. Since most of the members of the club are female, another male is needed for the more dangerous assignments. Thus, the scopophobic (the fear of being looked at) Morino Ryoushi is inducted as a member, right after he confesses his love for Ookami...

    Reason: The only reason I want this is the one girl who acts like a tomboy, badass uniform and she has custom punching glove with neko+ electric shock, plus her face is cute! Also I like the anime and it's not isekai but school if you don't mind the setting of this story.

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    I am up for anything based on fairy tail characters so i would love to see this get licensed. I love the concept of the Big Bad Wolf having kitty boxing gloves.

  • @lilithr02r1 I would love to see how this series continue because the anime didn´t adapted much and This series ended with 13th volumes not 12th :D

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    Another LN whose anime adaptation I remember enjoying quite a lot! (In no small part because the main character is so reminiscent of Taiga...)

  • I would like to see this series translated too. The anime is awesome.

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  • I enjoyed the anime for this when it was released... actually I only checked it out since the Railgun cast had a debut in one of the eps there plus the Narrator was voiced by Satomi Arai (Kuroko's seiyuu, was a follower of stuff she's in back then). It was short but very enjoyable. Not sure how long the LN version is but would definitely give that a read when this gets licensed.

  • I enjoyed anime a lot and I would like to read it too.

  • Yoooooo I forgot about this series!!! I'm hyped up about the possibility of a license now!

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    Surprised this isn't in more demand. I imagine the novels are a much better experience than the anime (which was already good) givne the classic fairy tail influences. Definitely one I'd be super keen for a licensed translation.

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