Realist Hero Vol 2, Chapter 6, Amazon ebook

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    There is a portion missing at the end of chapter 6. As the battleship Albert arrives at Red Dragon city, the chapter cuts off to the next page being the "Elfrieden Historical Idiom Lessons: Number 3". There's probably not a lot missing, but I figured I'd let bring it to the admins attention. I checked the Amazon reviews quickly and saw at least one other person had noticed this as well, so I don't think it's a device error.

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    We're on it, thanks for letting us know! I'll post again when the corrected version is reuploaded.

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    Just to explain, this was an error that happened in a recent new version upload, we had inadvertantly deleted about 300 lines from the volume. A new version is uploading to amazon now.

    New amazon purchases since about 2-3 weeks ago have been affected (and people who updated their version I think), as well as premium epub downloads during that time period.

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