First Ebooks published!

  • Occultic;Nine Volume 1
    My Big Sister Lives in a Fantasy World: The World's Strongest Little Brother
    Brave Chronicle: The Ruinmaker

    Three titles should be going on sale shortly! If you're a premium member, you can use your premium ebook credits to purchase any of these titles and download the epub directly from this website! Check out the cool special features for the premium ebooks listed in the volume descriptions!

    Occultic:Nine: An original interview with the real Master of Cafe Bloomoon!

    Neechuu Vol. 1: Extended translator's notes on all those old anime and manga references that Mutsuko makes

    Brave Chronicle: 5 pages of color character designs, as well as 2 mini-stories which were only available as book-store exclusives in Japan!

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    Very tempted for Brave Chronic's colored character designs...
    Wish every Premium Ebook had some colored character art for us to enjoy!

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    Congratulations on the first batch of releases! I intend to stick around, so let's all look forward for more to come! Eagerly anticipating the release for Grimgar, and for Faraway Paladin too, I think. I was surprisingly enthralled with it, no surprise, considering I like Grimgar. Viva Light novels!

  • I second Siphonario's congratulations.

    I've got a good idea where my first 2 premium credits are going to be allocated but the more I think about it, the more I realize how difficult it is going to be to keep up with my current series with one premium credit a month...

    If I pick up the premium e-book for 2 series each time they release, approximately every 2 months, then I keep pace with 2 credits earned, but the moment a 3rd series enters the fray...

  • Any differences between the regular and premium ebooks besides the special features? Like the resolution of the illustrations, for example?

  • Translators

    @vastlakukkel Amazon limits the resolution of the illustrations to whatever device you own. Our premium ebooks are at 1400px for the illustrations. Also, Amazon recompresses the images to make them all < 512 Kb. Our epub images are jpgs at 100% quality.

  • @Sam-Pinansky So where should I buy the ebook to make sure I get the best quality?

  • @Sam-Pinansky What about Kobo and Nook?

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    @Anthony Your best bet would be to become a premium here and not only will that give you a book a month already, you'll be able to buy cheaper credits.
    I believe normal and even non-subscribers will be able to buy credits though? So even if you don't go premium, buying from here is gonna be the best option to retain quality I think. Other than that, seriously avoid Amazon. I don't think other retailers compress things as much though.

  • @Paulo27 Can you link to where I could buy the ebooks they release (they being J-Novel).

  • Translators

    @Anthony You can buy them on all your favorite ebook selling stores, like Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, and we're working on others.
    links are on the individual volume page.

  • @Sam-Pinansky Yea, I know but I'm wondering where I can get them so they have the highest resolution. Because from what I've been reading Amazon doesn't have the highest quality and I haven't purchased LN before now, so I wouldn't know which company to buy it from.

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    Kobo and Google Play Books are the better ones. I don't think J-Novel's novels are on GPB so I'd recommend Kobo (you can preview their ebooks and if you save the images you can see that they are 1400px too). Though, like I said, going Premium here would potentially save you money and give you those extras the premium books have too.

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    It's also important to note that you will soon be able to buy your own premium credits, so you can get them at the best resolution and extra goodies and be able to back them up on multiple devices easily.

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    What kind of program do the premium books read on (or what should I install to computer and phone)?

    I know there was mention of being able to import them to Kindle app or something, but that option doesn't seem to be the best. Anything that supports text to speech playback would be welcome too.

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    @Terrence They are standard EPUB files. There's a multitude of programs out there to read EPUB files. Probably the best on PC is Calibre and Android is FBReader.

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    @Terrence For PC I can recommend you Sumatra PDF the most lightweight but still a good reader app, it focuses on simplicity. For Android I can recommend you Moon+ Reader, you can disable the CSS for the eBook (you can choose what to disable) and control the visual options too.

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    I think I found the one for me on Android after searching through those other ones, it's called Prestigio. It has text to speech built in (which can even run in the background while using other apps), so that'll be good for night reading (I stayed up way too late staring at the screen for Siskan the other night). Thanks for the help though guys, I'll look into those PC options too.

    I will say, I liked that Moon Reader was a vertically scrolling display though, just like the app for J-Novel.

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    I just downloaded my first premium member epub novel with the release of Grimgar today. Hope there will be many more to come.

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