Grimgar Vol 9 iBooks

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    Good day. It would seem Grimgar vol 9 has gone missing from the US iBooks store. I have it on preorder however iBooks states the book is not available in the US.

    Edit: volume 9 is now visible on iBooks however it can not be downloaded.

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    Oh thank god, I was afraid I was the only one. I ordered it on the Austrian iBooks Store, but it has suddenly been removed even though I pre-ordered it previously. Is this only temporary, or does this mean that the money spent is now gone? =/
    Not really mad at J-Novel Club since they only linked me to the iBooks store, but I'm still a bit confused.

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    It’s up on iBooks. You’ll have to cancel your preorder and purchase the book again to download it.

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    iBooks has been doing screwy things with our uploads and telling us everything is fine and then silently rejecting it without telling us for a few of our books... It's very odd.

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