Arifureta Zero (Manga) Volume 1 set to release July 25th and Limited Editions Announced!

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    Overlap Blog Announcement

    The manga adaptation of Arifureta Zero is finally getting its first volume release in Japan next month. Overlap has started pre-orders for it pretty early compared to a fair number of their other series. Unsure if this means there'll be more limited editions later. I just placed my order for all 3 editions of course.

    alt text

    Store Exclusive Limited Editions

    Comes with a Double Cover. Pretty much an extra cover/sleeve to make your book a little more unique.

    Comes with a Pass Case. I assume that this is a train pass case.

    Melon Books
    Comes with what everyone wants, a Wallscroll! The size is unknown as the Overlap site lists it as B2 while Melon Books lists it as A2.

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