Waga Gyouyuu ni Furueyo Tenchi ~ The Alexis Empire Chronicles ~

  • Alexis Empire Chronicles Cover


    Publisher: GA Bunko

    The bravery of the peerless Great Emperor Leonart the First was evaluated as a universal truth.
    However, in his younger days, before he unified the continent, he was accused as the infamous “Bloodsucking Prince”, his birthplace was stolen away from him, and he was only a boorish clumsy youngster.
    This is the story of an great counter-offense, a great revolt.

    Leonart vowed to make a comeback and truly became a mighty warrior defeated by none!
    Several mighty generals, sages, talented women and prodigies, compared to Gods and Demons, attracted by the single-minded Leonart congregated around him.
    Eventually they became a great power able to engulf their depraved fatherland, and contended against rival countries.

    A thrilling yet orthodox series filled with collection of intellectual Braves and Saints ― brings forth heart throbbing intense Military Chronicle packed with bravery and strategies! The curtains have risen!

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