(Being reincarnated into) This Otome game world is damn tough for a male mob character (LN)

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    Ok just found this and yes plese

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    I want this and I'll read it and buy it, cmon :D the poor english kills me right now

  • Volume 3 be will out this month and it's mentioned there are exclusive bonus chapters for physical volume at particular store as well. This is why I wanted J-novel to license this so bad to get them exclusive chapters...

  • Please guys...
    This novel have limited physical store exclusive short stories edition, and they were pretty much impossible to buy or read oversea. I'm particularly interested in the If-route for a certain character in volume 3

    And j-novel.club IS the only localization company that care enough to include those in compiled ebook. šŸ˜…šŸ˜…

    Alternatively, if anyone know some way to get their hand on store exclusive short stories from oversea then please let me know. I'll tank the shipping fee if it comes to that.

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    @santi-brathana I recommend looking up the series via japanese auction sites. You can use them via proxy services and a lot of people sell store bonuses like the stories. You can also check the publisher's site for potentially a list of which retailers got which bonuses and see if they're still available or if they were pre-order only bonuses.

  • @aruseus493

    Yea, if the licensing with J-novel doesn't work out then that might be the only way, unfortunate as it is.

    I did a quick check on auction site and none has any store exclusive for sale so far. To make matter worse, it seems :
    volume 1 has 2 exclusives, one for each store (+ a 4pages leaflet(???) from questionnaire edition(???) )
    volume 2 also has 2 exclusives, one for each store.
    volume 3 however, has 5 exclusive, one for each store.
    This is going to be ridiculously expensive to get my hand on, unless i find a bundled of sheets sold on auction lol (not found yet).

    and with such ridiculously hard quest, I'm back to praying for J-Novel to somehow pick this = =. Though I admit the chance is slim, because publisher.

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    Man Iā€™d forgotten about this request - looks so good! With the success of All Routes Lead to Doom, I suspect this could be a big hit.

  • 5 chapters of manga been currently Fan-translated and BOY this is lookin good!

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  • So I checked the raw and there should be enough materials to adapt 6 Volume so far. Nice!

    I should add for anyone checking this out that this series has pretty nice guys:girls supporting casts ratio instead of most other novel with 1guy:100girls ratio (which is a good thing. bros talk is always welcome)