(Being reincarnated into) This Otome game world is damn tough for a male mob character (LN)

  • I don't know if J Novel can get licensed this light novel. Micro Magazine want released in physicals not only by digital.
    At this rate, I hope Yen Press or Seven Seas got it. (But their translation too slow)

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    @avocat Seven Seas is actually pretty fast for their digital releases. 2-3 month release schedule. They're actually faster than JNC for some of their series.

    They just release the physical versions later.

  • @village-idiot thank for your information.
    But I think Yen Press have more chance to get the licensed. Kadokawa is the manga publisher for this series . (Kadokawa owned 51% Yen Press)

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    This is among my most favorite WN/LN, it has it all. Sensible harem elements that are not overdone, girls actually having reasons for falling for the MC, sword and sorcery world with a hidden sci-fi background, mystery elements, protagonists who hide their strength, traditional school setting with some extreme twists, mecha, wars, airships, bike racing, silver-tongued MC, and generally convention-breaking shenanigans. So I'm really hoping it gets picked up soon by some publisher (hopefully JNC).

    Despite ostensibly being about otome games, it's a work targeted at men though (lol). But maybe girls would enjoy Marie's antics too?

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    Licensed by Seven Seas.