Dark Heroes

  • Lately I've really been getting into light novels starring dark/anti heroes. There is just something about the the world fighting the protagonist, then the protagonist fighting back in retaliation, finally the protagonist saving the world without reading giving a damn about its people really captivates me. The novels I love the most neck in neck are Arifureta and To Deprive a Deprived Person. In second place is Nidome no Yusha. The bronze medal goes to Rising of the Shield Hero. Sadly, only two of these have been licensed and the unofficial translation of the others have stopped. Does anyone know good light novels with dark heroes?

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    I don't sure if Makoto (the MC) in "Tsuki ga michibiku Isekai Douchuu" is a "Dark Hero" but the WN is good.

  • Maybe Ultimate Antihero. The MC is not really an antihero by the usual definition, he's a true hero, it's just that his powers come from seemingly evil entities, and even though he uses his powers for good, whenever he uses them, everyone around gets terrorized by them. So even though he saved the world, he's on he's on every countrie's watch list.

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