Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Sunday Without God)

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    Name: Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Sunday Without God)
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    Publisher: Fujimi Fantasia Bunko (Fujimi Shobo) (9 volumes) and Kadokawa Shoten (3 volumes)

    Date: January 20, 2010 - May 20, 2014 (12 Volumes)

    Author: Kimihito Irie

    Illustrators: isuZu, Shino

    Synopsis: God has abandoned the world. As a result, life cannot end nor can new life be born, and the "dead" walk restlessly among the living. Granting one last miracle before turning away forever, God created "gravekeepers," mystical beings capable of putting the dead to rest through a proper burial. Ai, a cheerful but naïve young girl, serves as her village's gravekeeper in place of her late mother.

    One day, a man known as Hampnie Hambart, who is supposedly Ai's father, arrives and kills all the people in her village. Having lost her village and with no plans for the future, Ai decides to accompany the mysterious man on his journey. As she travels the land, the young gravekeeper strives to fulfill her duties, granting peace to the dead and assisting the living, while at the same time learning more about the world that God left in this tragic state.

    Reason: I watch this anime long time ago, it made me think about life, relationships deeply etc and the anime made me cry. The ending of anime didn't satisfied me, wanting more to know the story after the anime is finish.

  • Anime's first arc (first volume) is 10/10, the rest varies a lot but is still pretty good on average. Even OVA by itself managed to keep "varies a lot but pretty good on average" trend within a single episode.
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    @doublemangekyo Done, do you mind if I ask why you want to lose the gifs? Are they offensive or spoilers? if so I'm sorry.

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    @lilithr02r1 They're just kind of annoying.

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    @myskaros ahh okay.

  • @lilithr02r1 Simply cringey and their value is very much questionable, if you don't mind me answering.

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    Oh! I've always wanted to read this!
    Once I asked a newly opened anime store to sell this book. I went in and saw it on the shelf but then I remembered I couldn't read Japanese! ^^''
    This anime actually introduced me to the anime world and turned me into an otaku.
    The girl was so cute! >.<
    the girl looked like Sakura from Cardcaptors and that was how I got into it.

    I would be really happy if j novel club could publish this in English (and less....overly gross and disgusting ecchi content....but what can I say? That's the market now)

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    Ouch, you made me remember just how impossibly horrid the tv-show was. Especially after the first arc. The pain, make it stop.

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