Number of novels covered by Anime

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    One question I see a lot (and want to ask myself a lot) is how many novels does the anime cover?

    While we know there are and must be differences between the books and the anime because the different mediums have strengths and weaknesses. I am going to keep reading this thread and maintain this first post of what people report on it.

    So, the rules for what I maintain will be as follows:

    1. This thread is for all novels with anime, not just novels translated by J-Novel.
    2. I will arrange everything alphabetically by their English name (using the typical library sorting which ignres the first word if they start with A or The).
      2a)If the novel and anime has different names released in English then there will be two entries by each alphabetical answer (even if it would put them next to each other).
    3. The story must have at least one license in English (novel or Anime) for me to post it.
    4. I will include number of Manga novels if others post it but I don't read much Manga at all so I will need other people to research the information for me.
    5. I will credit the person who who reported to me how many books the Anime covers. This credit will go to the first person's post I see whether it is her or in my own research.
      Note:) Please feel free on your posts to include the differences between the novel and anime but please spoiler tag them for those who want to discover the differences on their own.

    Accel World : Volumes 1-4 and part of Volume 10 - Myskaros
    Akame ga KILL : Volumes 1-8 - Terrence
    Amagi Brilliant Park : Volumes 1-2 and part of 3 - Myskaros
    The Asterisk War : Volumes 1-6 - Terrence
    A Certain Magical Index : Volumes 1-13 - Myskaros
    Baccano! : Volumes 1-3 - Terrence
    Berserk : Volumes 1-13 - Terrence
    Black Bullet : Volumes 1-4 - Terrence
    Bleach : Volumes 1-54 - Terrence
    Chihayafuru : Volumes 1-17 - Terrence
    Clockwork Planet : Volumes 1-3 - Myskaros
    Deadman Wonderland : Volumes 1-4
    Deathmarch to the Parallel World Rhapsody : Volumes 1-3 - Myskaros
    Demon King Daimao : Volumes 1-5 - Myskaros
    The Devil is a Part-Timer : Volumes 1-2 and a part of 7 - Myskaros
    Fairy Tale : Volumes 1-49 - Terrence
    Fruits Basket : Volumes 1-6 - Terrence
    Grimgar of Ash and Fantasty : Volumes 1-2 - Myskaros
    Hunter X Hunter : Volumes 1-31 - Terrence
    In Another World With My Smartphone : Volumes 1-3 - Myskaros
    Infinite Stratos : Volumes 1-8 - Myskaros * See Note 1
    The Irregular at Magic High : Volumes 1-7 - Terrence
    Is it wrong to pick up girls in a Dungeon : Volumes 1-5 - Malloc
    Is it wrong to pick up girls in a Dungeon Sword Oratoria : Volumes 1-4 - Malloc
    Kiss Him, Not Me : Volume 7 - Terrence
    Kokoro Connect : Volumes 1-4 - Myskaros
    KonoSuba! : Volumes 1-4 - Myskaros
    Log Horizon : Volumes 1-10 - Myskaros
    Love Tyrant : Volumes 1-9 - Terrence
    Maid-Sama! : Volumes 1-7 - Terrence
    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya : Volumes 1-5 and part of 6 - Myskaros
    Monthly Girls' Nozaku-kun : Volumes 1-4 - Terrence
    My Little Monster : Volumes 1-3 - Terrence
    No Game No Life : Volumes 1-3 and 6 - Myskaros
    Outbreak Company : Parts of volumes 1-4 and 7 - Myskaros
    Overlord : Volumes 1-6 - Drone205
    Re:Zero : Volumes 1-8 and part of 9 - Myskaros
    ReLIFE : Volumes 1-5 or 6 - Terrence * See Note 2
    Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers : Volume 1 - Myskaros
    Say I Love You : Volumes 1-7 - Terrence
    Spice and Wolf : Volumes 1-3 and 5 and a part of 7 - Myskaros
    Strike the Blood : Volumes 1-6 and 9, 11, and 12 and side novel Strike the Blood EX - Myskaros * See Note 1
    Sword Art Online : Volumes 1-7 and most of 8 - Double Mangekyo
    This Art Club Has a Problem : Volumes 1-2 - Terrence
    Tokyo Ghoul : Volumes 1-4 or 6? - Terrence * See Note 2
    Tsuredure Children : Volumes 1-5 - Terrence
    Yona of the Dawn : Volumes 1-8 Terrence

    Note 1: Myskaros has more detailed information contained on his blog as well as manga references. See for a lot more detailed information about anything sourced to him (and some that was sourced to others as well). He also has some notes about light novels that have anime announced but have not aired.

    Note 2 : All Terrence references I have not verified if they are Manga or Light Novels. Also Ga-Rei it says the next thing to read is volume 1 of Ga-Rei, which seems like it may be a mistake. I will verify what is a manga and what is a light novel. I think I need to make references to manga since there are a lot that have no light novels but are based off of manga. If I add Manga I need to add manga series from Myskaros's link as well. On Tokyo Ghoul, Terrence says the next volume is volume 5 or volume 7 so I cannot infer what is covered in the anime. On ReLIFE Terrence says the next volume after the Anime is 6 and 7 so I cannot infer what is covered in the anime. Terence also has one title 謡う指先 (櫻子さんの足下には死体が埋まっている #7) that I can't figure out what it is in English.

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  • @myskaros That couldn't possibly be the full list. was it?

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    @hyferzftw Nah, it's just whatever I've had time to research.

  • @myskaros oh didn't know you were the one who posted/updates the list. Well thanks for the deed.

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    @hyferzftw Yeah, that's my blog :d

  • @myskaros lol, you just reminded me I gotta start updating mine or my professors will kill me for not doing it for the summer.

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    MangaUpdates covers this typically too if someone edits it in.

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    Usually has a note on number of novels adapted in the anime (limited to official releases). Just another possible place to check.

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    I have a small ongoing list:

    Most of these I've gotten from mentions online. Manga and light novels are included.

    Can always use new contributions (anyone can add them). In fact, some like ReLife's are placeholder volumes (since chapter 103's volume wasn't out yet).

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    Overlord S1, vol 1 - vol 3
    Overlord S2, vol 4 - vol 6

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    When I get home from work, I will go over all of these and recompile the list. I realize there are several blogs out there but this is the only forum I personally stay up to date on, so having an aggregated list here would be helpful to people like me

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    What about cases like Spice and Wolf where it covers 4 volumes but skips a book?

  • Sword Art Online is a weird case IMO.
    S1 adapted vol.1-3 + 3/4 of vol.4 + 1/2 of vol.8 + 1/3 of SAO:Progressive vol.1
    S2 adapted vol.5-7 + 1/3 of vol.8

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    Thanks for your help everyone. I need to do more research and should include Manga... apparently there is plenty of anime that are based upon stories that only have manga.

    Here are some anime I know have light novels but do not know what volumes they cover:
    Alderamin on the Sky
    Lord Marksman and the Vanadis - Light Novel and Manga

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