Ushinawareru Monogatari

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    It's something I've contemplating requesting it for a few days now, after I watched Zoo (2005)

    Otsuichi has a lot of books published in English.
    This one is kinda half-rescue request and I've made a lot of topics lately so I don't wanna flood the subforums just yet but u know!
    Screw it!

    Otsuichi is one of my favorite authors and I love to see this!
    Otsuichi is author of Zoo, Goth, and Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse (published by Viz)
    He debuted in Highschool with Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse.

    His stories varies from regular story with unique setting or mundane setting with shocking or smart twist.

    Why do I call this half-rescue request?
    'cuz it contains 2 from 3 stories that were in "Calling you" which as published by TokyoPop back in 2007.

    The Publisher: Kadokawa Bunko

    • Calling You (Adapted into multiple mangas, shoujo one sucked, go for the shounen adaptation and there's a movie too)

    Ryo is a high school freshman who tends to take people's words literally. After being hurt several times because she misunderstood someone, she avoids people. She creates an imaginary cell phone, feeling it would be pointless to buy one when no one would call.
    One day while she is on the bus, however, her imaginary cell phone begins to ring. At the other end is a boy named Shinya who is also calling with an imaginary cell phone.
    Ryo is shocked and after they disconnect, she tries calling people and connects with a college student named Yumi, who instructs her in the ways of imaginary phones.

    • Kiz/Kids (Was adapted into a manga by name of Kizu)

    An unnamed, and abused Boy is put in the special class at school after he attacks a classmate who teased him about the burn mark on his back.
    In this class, he met Asato, a boy who can heal scars and wounds by taking them.
    After becoming friends, they decided to explore Asato's power limits and under the Boy's suggestion, they started to dumb the wounds that Asato absorbs on the Boy's dying father.

    One day, they meet Shiho, a young woman who hides a huge scar under a mask—

    It also includes:

    • Ushinawareru Monogatari

    • Te wo Nigiru Dorobou no Monogatari

    • Happiness is a Warm Kitty

    • Maria no Yubi

    • Boku no Kashikoi Pantsu-kun

    • Usokano

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    I love GOTH. Anything Otsuichi I'd like to try.

  • With how VIZ re-released and reprinted Otsuichi stuff, I really thought he's way more popular than this.