Novel pick-up requests

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    Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan(overlap)
    Kaette Kita Motoyuusha(Pony Canyon books)
    Isekai Shihai no Skill Taker ~Zero kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem(Kodansha)
    World Teacher: Other World Style Education & Agent(overlap)
    Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai de Deaeta Kimi ni(Hobby Japan)
    Wortenia Senki(Hobby Japan)
    Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku(Hobby Japan)

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    A Mimic reincarnation one. Oooh.

    alt text

    If I noticed I was a treasure-box type monster - mimic.
    Moreover, the surroundings are dungeons full of monsters, and adventurers will come when suddenly placed on the first floor of the basement!
    What is already somehow, if I tried desperately to run away, my arms and legs grew something!
    ...... No, what am I supposed to do?

    This one is on Syosetu.

    「美脚ミミック、ハルミさん ~転生モンスター異世界成り上がり伝説~」読んだ! #narou #narouN7374DZ

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    Lol, that looks great. Publisher?

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    @aruseus493 Looks like "Earth Star Novel", they've got Make my abilities average and WataFuta among some other titles I recognize. (Like Sono Mono. Nochi ni...!)

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    Time to get on it @Sam-Pinansky.

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    @aruseus493 said in Novel pick-up requests:


    Time to get on it @Sam-Pinansky.

    Volume 1 isn't even out in Japan yet. So yes, you can be ahead of the curve on Treasure Chest reincarnation if you strike now. =P

  • @terrence it sometimes makes me wonder how many wild ideas they have for isekai series they plan to publish? Still, this series would been surreal to me if there wasn’t a vending machine reincarnation series.

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    @terrence Ooh this reminds me of the story I've read at RoyalRoad "Everyone loves Large chests". They have even released a couple of books of it on Amazon. Thats about an actual Minmic monster rather than being reborn as one but I wonder if it'll follow similar beats throughout?

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    @choark said in Novel pick-up requests:

    Thats about an actual Minmic monster rather than being reborn as one but I wonder if it'll follow similar beats throughout?

    I'll be checking it out on Syosetu (machine translation can be rough though). I know there's a spider lady in it, and that these characters are monster spawns that appear from black hole type points in dungeons.

    Edit: So, the hero is fairly logical. He deduces that when a party of adventurers sees a chest, they will immediately try to open it. His only mean of attack, a single bite on one Adventurer, leaves him open to attack by the Adventurers' party. The main character is a girl with long legs, and she acquires high heels as a reward item from a comrade early on. xD

  • I would like if they picked up. Ascendance of a Bookworm - I'll Become a Librarian At Any Cost!
    Its realy good

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    @jhonk7 I'll just say: Don't get your hopes up for that one.

  • @sam-pinansky Damn, finally show up to the request forum, and have to deliver bad news. I guess this means TO Books is out of the picture or something of which publishers you license from?

  • So, besides publishing companies, licenses, permissions and any stuff involving business like that, are there any other things we need to be aware before a series could be picked up? Like standards, requirements, restrictions; stuff needed for/from a series before/after it is translated?

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    @kite-xx Sam has said before that the present system isn’t quite ready for long light novels. He said in a curious cat that if he ever got one, he would change the credit system to a point system, and it would look something like all premium credits would convert to 700 points, all volumes of the present size would cost 700 points, and the longer volumes might cost 1000 points. That was just a theoretical and not a concrete plan of his though.

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    I had thought the single book credit system here was a bit odd when the price when purchasing books from amazon is derived from the length - perhaps $1 should equal 100 credits, and then price the books based on length?

    Anyway, as a question in general, is there any issue with requesting titles from Hero Bunko?

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    @legitpancake if JNC switches to a point system then they have two ways of going about this for the differences between Premium and normal. The points stay the same price regardless but the books are cheaper by some percentage, like 15% - 20% (since it is about 15% off from 7 ->6 it makes sense to stick with 15%) if you are premium. Another is the price of points is less for premium like 1 dollar is worth 115 - 120 points. though I prefer the first option of the books are cheaper over the points are cheaper even if it this option is easier to "break" and just go premium when you buy books. I do think since it is like 5.50 - 6.00 dollars more than normal and if it does go to the point system where 100 points equal 1 dollar than Premium should get at least 700 points per and not 600.

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    So I've been looking at this GA Bunko label work today since it is on Syosetu as well. This one is notable because it is a completed work at 3 volumes.

    "I Do Not Need Cheat In the New Game!"

    alt text

    So the title had me thinking it's an Isekai.. but it seems it's about a guy who lives in a fantasy world, lives to the age of 70 with regrets, but then some force rebirths him (out of the center of his own body no less, puncturing a hole in the corpse) as a 20 yr old and he just gets to continue life as his younger self in the same world.

    I don't know, I'll keep reading.

    Edit: Leg Mimic is out officially in LN form in Japan. The red head with the high-heels on the cover is indeed the "Leg Mimic" (there's a black and white insert with the treasure chest replacing her face). Dunno when she gets to show off a human face. Will have to continue the Syosetu there too.

  • I would like to suggest Ore wo Suki Nano wa omae dake ka yo.
    The title's translation is roughly "Are you only one who likes me?" It is a romantic comedy with a twist. MC deliberately acts as a "dense harem MC" to get the attention of his childhood friend and Student President. MC thinks he captured their love flags and gets call from both of them. Turns out that they are both fell in love with MC's best friend and wants his help to get his best friend. He decides to help both of them so he can scoop up the girl that got rejected.

    Surprisingly, MC in this LN is actually likeable despite his first scummy impression and the drama resulting from MC helping both of them is fun to watch. It helps that the publisher is not Kadokawa, so you guys will have easier time licensing the series. There are currently 8 volumes out in Japan, so it won't take too long to translate all of them.

    I hope you consider this LN series, J-Novel Club!

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    Anything with glasses MC / love interest like that I want!

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    @terrence Heh, I've read the few manga adaptation chapters for that series and