Novel pick-up requests

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    Seven Seas picked up the Duke's Daughter manga, so there's a nonzero chance that JNC already got the LN :o

    EDIT: Sarnath'd

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    @aruseus493 Whaaat!? I wasn't even aware of that! I just looked it up and saw that! Wow, I'm not really excited so thanks for letting me know. I may have already bought all of the released manga volumes of this but I will surely buy it again for the EN releases. Not only that, I find the manga art to be really close in style to the light novel (besides the coloring), which looks fabulous. But yes, I think it would be a good one for J-NC top pick up.

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    I'm all for a story involving the villain side of a visual novel (there's a few of these out there I think).

    Her engagement is cancelled? Wonder who the lead female character is that defeated her and whether she stole her hubby? =P

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    I`d love for Jinrou no Tensei, Maou no Fukukan to be picked up. It currently has 8 volumes, and is an ongoing series according to LNDB.
    LNDB link as follows:,_Maou_no_Fukukan

    I`ve been following the web novel translations of it, however I think the speed, and quality of J-Novel is far more appealing!

    One of the most appealing points is that, even though it is an isekai novel, it doesn't follow the typical tropes and cliche's of: harem, overpowered, and over involvement of our world inventions. Granted, I only know what`s been translated from the web novel.

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    This looks fun. From Hobby Japan Novels.

    "My Cuisine Makes Me a Strategist for Her Majesty"

    alt text

  • Only Sense Online

    Currently reading volume 10 of Only Sense Online and it's put me in a really good mood. (Plus listening to My little happiness by Garnidelia) So I thought I'd request it here. I already plan on importing the series at some point, but thought I'd post my request here. It's just such a good slice of life in a VRMMO series. Paying to Win in a VRMMO is comedy focused while Infinite Dendrogram is action focused. Only Sense Online is a slice of life focused with the main character playing as a crafter for the most part. It's one of my favorite series that I love to re-read regularly.

  • Looks like JNC got "[New Life+] Young Again in Another World". What does it take to have your requested novel (if it's possible) to get picked-up? Does it have to be interesting or keep posting about it until it's noticed?

  • @kite-xx the light novel has to have the potential to sell, not just sell some volumes but make back all of the cost of translation and a profit.

    Beyond that there are also some issues with the fact that JNC doesn’t have connections with all Japanese light novel publishers so many light novels are just off the table completely, for now.

    However here is an answer from Sam directly about how to get his attention for a potential license. from curious cat

    Also let’s all remember this is a unofficial suggestion post not endorsed by JNC

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    @kite-xx said in Novel pick-up requests:

    What does it take to have your requested novel (if it's possible) to get picked-up? Does it have to be interesting or keep posting about it until it's noticed?

    I think it just needs to grab the interest of Sam (or have high sales or an anime). =P

    If incessantly mentioning it gets you a light novel: Zoa Hunter, Zoa Hunter, Zoa Hunter, Zoa Hunt...

    Ok I'm done. But yeah, I liked volume 1. And it's got some science stuff in it (DNA manipulation), however slight, which is something I think we could use in the LN space. I'd like at least one "finished" LN in a new batch, and 7 volumes is totally a sweet spot for not overstaying your welcome.

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    I'd like to request 魔王の俺が奴隷エルフを嫁にしたんだが、どう愛でればいい? (I, the Demon Lord, Took a Slave Elf as my Wife, but how do I Love Her?). It's published by Hobby Japan, so it shouldn't too difficult to acquire. 4 volumes are out, and from a rough translation of the first chapter, it has its similarities to the beginning of Ancient Magus' Bride.
    Elf Slave

    Edit: OMG, I just finished the second chapter, and it is so freaking adorable! I need this and I need it now!! Very refreshing as it’s not isekai, not harem (at least so far), though the MC is overpowered and he’s a bumbling idiot when it comes to girls, but that’s what makes it so cute between him and Nefi.

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