Canceling subscription

  • Dear Admin,
    The website doesn't uncancel my subscription even though I have pressed it. Can you pls fix it soon?

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    Uncancel? Or just "doesn't cancel"? I believe it'll go until it runs out.

  • At first when I read this I didn't understand what he meant, but after reading the second one I do.

    Your subscription will end when it's supposed to end, so until that date you still have a membership. But you won't get charged again once your subscription ends. Hope that's makes sense :)

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    @glisterasia Like, if you really really want to delete your account right now I can manually do that. But as long as the account page says "ending at" and the button on the bottom says "uncancel", that means you aren't getting charged again and your subscription will end at the end of your current billing period.

  • @Sam-Pinansky
    Sorry, I meant I cancelled the membership but I want to uncancel it but no matter how many times I press uncancel it doesn't let me resubscribe

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