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    Hi there Sam et all,

    I logged into my J-novel account for the first time in a while outside the app and found that my library was inaccessible, my credits weren't displayed (I had a bunch that had accumulated and purchased) and the site was prompting me to become a member. I'm not sure what happened here! :-(

    Any ideas? How can it be fixed?

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    Whoa... this is even more bizarre. Literally right after posting this, I clicked on the logo above and had to login again, at which point I found that my account was showing properly.

    This was after I had repeatedly logged in and out with no change, even going so far as to clear my cache.

    Not sure what caused the behavior but it was weird...

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    Yup, this happens to me all the time. The web site think's you're logged in, shows the Account button, but you're not. I imagine the cookie session has expired, but the website UI doesn't reflect that?

    I tend to make it a habit to log out and back in now when I use the website.

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    @carolinefelicity Yeah, basically the website is like a web-app. If your session (token) expires on the back end, which happens once every two weeks), but your local storage cache is still around, the webpage might think you are logged while in fact your are not.

    Just logout and log in again if your account isn't loading. We should probably program something fancier where it actually pings the server to see if the token is valid instead of just checking for the existence of the token in your local storage.

  • A lot of it has to do with token clearing programs like AdAware. Your browser settings might actually interfere in this as well. I used to see this before I remembered to set this website as an exception in Chrome.

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    Just my impression, but it seems like there are three different tokens. One for the reader app, one for the website proper (where the account and library are), and another one for the forums. I've been "logged out" on the website, but when I go to the forums, I'm still logged in. I don't think I've ever seen the forum token expire, but the other two, yeah.

  • @paul-nebeling App and web client get the JNC token in the exact same way. At the same time the system hands you a NodeBB forum token but after that point they are managed separately, both on client and server side (forum's and the main site's backends are pretty independent). You can find forum's sessions on{Your-handle}/info

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