Ichigo Doumei (Alliance of the Fifteens)

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    Ichigo Doumei (Alliance of the Fifteens)
    By Mita Masahiro
    Published by Shueisha
    Volumes: 1

    Ryoichi is an antisocial loner who often wonders what's the point of living. One day Tetsuya, the star of the school's baseball team approaches him out of the blue for a favor -- he's heard Royichi is an AV geek, and he needs somebody to record an upcoming game. It turns out Tetsuya's childhood friend, Naomi, is in the hospital with Unspecified Terminal Illness, and she wants to see Tetsuya play baseball one last time. Ryoichi goes along, but when he takes the tape to the hospital, he finds himself strangely drawn to the dying girl and they strike up a friendship. But then one day she asks him, "Hey, you wanna commit suicide with me?"

    I first heard about this book from a refereince is Your Lie in April, which it turns out steals half its plot from this novel. If you like weepy Japanese melodramas like Socrates in Love, Narcissu, and I Want to Eat Your Pancreas, you definitely want to up-vote this book.

  • Lately, I am kinda on a quest of being annoying and mention nothing but non-LN and weird darker LNs that are worth more love~
    (So, I am glad that some else is on board lol)
    Worth noting that it's a regular novel from the 90's and there's a live-action adaptation for it.

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