Grimgar - Shipping or World Dynamics?

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    What are you guys most interested in about Grimgar? On the wiki, close to 90% of the discussions are about shipping so I'm curious if that is the same here. I'm more interested in talking about the World Dynamics of Grimgar.

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    I was curious about MC's love interest too. Shipping trumps everything (if any current LN series on here has an actual relationship, not inane 3-4 person competitions that won't have a definite winner, let me know). xD

    I am curious if they eventually explain how they got to that world, and why their memory is wiped, but they still have occasional knowledge from the real world. Did they die? Is this a simulation and nothing that happened is real (please no)? Can this world exist alongside their own? The typcial stuff you think of in a Log Horizon scenario.

    I spoiled myself on a lot of the shipping stuff by reading blog synopses, so I guess for me it's probably now more the latter, the "what is this world and how did they get there". I'm not super interested until it catches up with the bit I read about, which is up to about vol 8, but I hope there's some fun stuff in there before then.

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    You're up to volume 8? A little bit jealous lol. I only got to halfway through volume 4 before it got licensed and the translations stopped.

    I'm big into spoilers myself. Once I get into something I have to find everything about it. So I'm aware of things, the direction it is going, but don't have the details.

    I don't mind shipping speculation but dislike how it usually dominates the conversation, as I'm way more interested in the mechanics of the world and how things work.

    Also since only Volume 1 has been translated I don't want to spoil things here but it is hard. Currently I have it at 50/50 of it being a game world or an alternate fantasy world but I'm leading towards the latter. But so far there has not been any proof one way or the other and it doesn't seem like it is going to become a relevant plot point for awhile now.

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    @Bkaa25 Nah, just read synopses. I don't read fanslations. I think reading a review / synopsis is a bit more morally gray, but eh, it still makes it so you know more than you should.

  • Yume > Mery!
    Just because of that scene of them hugging in the rain >_< it was too cute.

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    @Bryan I agree with you on that part. Was one of the most emotionally intimate scenes I've seen in awhile.

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    Can we agree Ranta is worst? And if you're asking "worst what?" he's worst everything. xP

    (I need to give him a chance in the LNs, but he was heavily complained about from what I remember during the show's run).

    Edit: Started the book up. Ranta is almost as annoying as in the show. Yume saying his curls are cute though was a nice moment (is that in the show?). :blush:

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    @Terrence I agree. But Ranta is harder to read than he is to watch.

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    I'm guessing shipping is always such a hot topic for people to discuss because there is no guarantee of resolution for a lot of these stories. I've only recently gotten started reading LNs so I don't know how it usually ends up in those, but I know in many anime we will spend an entire series that revolves around a relationship and then, poof, nothing happens. It can get frustrating.

    World dynamics, on the other hand, is something that can be looked at as the story itself and what will be revealed to us over time. The relationships themselves could be considered part of that. Personally, I'm most interested in the character's growth rather than their possible love affairs, right now. As they grow and develop, so will the setting. This is more interesting to me. I won't deny that there may be a couple I'm rooting for in a story, and in some cases rooting against, but there are more important things for me to discuss.

    @Terrence "Is this a simulation and nothing that happened is real (please no)?"

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    @gocav I pretty much feel the same way. I'm more focused on actual character interactions/world dynamics than just shipping couples. Which can make it frustrating because a lot of people on the fan sites only really discuss shipping.

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