• @Terrence pointed out that today is Friday the 13th, so instead of more of mystery title than horror one, I should bring something that can be called horror

    Well, it's 30 min past it in my country but lemme participate lol

    Author: Hajime Ninomae
    Illustrations: Yoshitoshi ABe (Lain character designer)
    Publisher: Seikaisha FICTIONS then reprinted under their bunko line (Kodansha Company)
    Status: Completed

    I read the first chapter of the partial VN adaption:

    Yamada Nagito is an occult maniac, who went to Tokyo to attend uni.
    Founding a 3-story cheap building, which is said to grant wishes, he was elated.

    "The architect who built this became famous, the illustrator who moved in became busy and moved closer to the city, and the young couple that was living here until last month gave birth to a baby, which led to this becoming open. You are quite lucky", he was told.

    However, when he moved in, things started to be a little...eerie
    Squeaking, and screeching sound of old doors at 2 am, when all windows and doors should be closed.
    He stands up from the bed and makes his way to the living room, the sound stops.

    If that's all then it's alright. It's an old house, after all but...
    He has found a huge scratch on the stars in shape of 七 (seven).
    六 (Six) near the bath, 五 (five) near the toilet.
    Wait, is it a countdown?
    and what for?

    Panicking, he left the house, running to a manga cafe.
    With no one to turn to, he decide to arrange an offline meeting on occult forums he's on, "Ikaigabuchi", there, the fortuneteller he's familiar with has said, "you have mark of the meeting...and it's a girl too...wait isn't she dead?"

    There's a prequel listed on LNDB but I ain't sure how it's related:
    Yu-shiki from GAGAGA

  • Phenomeno is the best horror novel out there and no one can convince me otherwise. Yoishi is too cute w

    Also OP, Read the whole VN adaptation. It adapts the first chapter of the LN and is really great.

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    Oooh, I really want this!

  • Great VN, would love to read the novels.

  • Well, since it's Halloween and all~
    I thought I should remind some that this exists

    Yoishi Theme music track as treat
    The VN can act like intro to the franchise if you wanna know what it is about~

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    @bloodygaikotsu said in Phenomeno:

    Well, since it's Halloween and all~
    I thought I should remind some that this exists

    Yeah, I'm going to do some bumpity bumps and new recs too (a little less informed recs though since I haven't read a ton of JP language titles lately).

  • @terrence
    It's time for Horror to come on top for a change lol

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