Seichou Cheat de Nandemo Dekiru you ni Natta ga, Mushoku dake wa Yamerarenai you desu

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    Seichou Cheat de Nandemo Dekiru you ni Natta ga, Mushoku dake wa Yamerarenai you desu

    Publisher: Morning Star Books (Shinkigensha)
    Author: Yousuke Tokino
    Illustrator: Chiri


    • Fantasy
    • Romance
    • Comedy
    • Action


    Ichinosuke is a job hunter that has failed 100 times. On his way to an interview, he's involved in a freak accident. Meeting a "Goddess," he chooses to go to another world with the Cheat Skill being 20x EXP gain. While waiting for the transportation to begin, he meets another "Goddess" and through a misunderstanding, gains a 20x reduction in required EXP to Level Up Cheat Skill. Starting his new life in another world with a 400x multiplier, Ichinosuke will come to learn just how easy it is to abuse and live in this poorly designed world where being Jobless can be exploited.


    My main reason is an odd one. It's because it's a series with a fair amount of LitRPG stuff really mentioned frequently. Not many series licensed at this moment focus on stuff like this. Infinite Dendrogram somewhat focuses on it with their own unique Class system which is really cool. But yea, the overall feel of the series is pretty light/fluffy/comedic. You can get a bit of a grasp from the manga adaptation being fan-scanlated. Romance is fluffy so far, and the various characters are all pretty silly/interesting.

    Volume 1 Cover

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    This really deserves more up votes.

    The web novel and manga is quite good, the story is compelling enough to rope you in and keep interested. In web novel, the story keep developing in such way that for me, it became increasingly more difficult to make predictions on how it will develop in the future.

    Judging by images from the light novel and information available, the events are somewhat changed in the light novel compared to web novel. Some new characters not introduced in web novel and so on. Would absolutely love to see this translated!

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    Shameless bump because OP did not include its English name, which is: I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless

  • I am surprised I haven’t clicked on this thread yet and upvoted it. Sounds like a fun and chill story to read.

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    I really enjoyed the WN of this, just wish that more of it was coming out since it feels like it's been forever since there was a new chapter.

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    I don't include fan-translated titles cause they're useless when a series becomes licensed anyways. Just creates more confusion among readers.

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    May be the light novel cut that part but if not i wouldn't really call the romance fluffy (aside from the wolf ears and tail) but at least it goes straight to the goal unlike many LN.
    It's interesting and it manage to have a decent plot for that type of isekai. But the best part definitly is the adventure of centaur and his 2 masters ^^
    It would be cool to have it licence.