Murabito desu ga Nani ka? ( I am a villager, what about it?)

  • Synopsis : Our protagonist was reincarnated in a world with goblin and dragon....but his optimal job is "villager." Using the cheat "getting one chance to redo life after death" he will show you what a villager can do.
    (.this series have its own originality which make this series amazing...that what i am gonna say)
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    Publisher : GC Novels
    Status : Ongoing (4 volumes)

  • @theredjet

    I've actually read this LN before and personally didn't quite like the plot progress. But that's just my opinion.

    Still, here's my opinion of the plot (spoiler)

  • I will just about read anything with a different world. So you got my vote.

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    I've read the manga, and largely enjoyed it, but yeah, it's kind of hard to follow what's going on and what the MC (and company)'s current status (both RPG and social) and abilities are. They seem to drop a lot of "He's got this powerful ability/skill/condition" but then only ever uses it once.

    For example,