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    Name: MM!
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    Publisher: - MF Bunko J (Media Factory)

    Volume: 12 volumes Complete (February 23, 2007 - September 24, 2010)

    Author: Akinari Matsuno

    Illustrators: QP:flapper

    Synopsis: Taro Sado is a high school student who lives his day to day life with a big secret—he's a masochist! Encouraged by his cross-dressing best friend Tatsukichi Hayama, Taro asks the Second Voluntary Club for help with his problem and ends up joining the club after they vow to "fix" him.

    However, it turns out that all of the members of the club have some serious issues. The club leader Mio Isurugi is a self-designated god who is afraid of cats, Arashiko Yuuno has a severe fear of men, and the club advisor Michiru Onigawara is a sadist who enjoys making people cosplay.

    Together with other wacky characters such as Yumi Mamiya, a talented masseuse and Yuuno's best friend, and Noa Hiiragi, the president of the invention club, they all learn about the importance of acceptance and kindness.

    Reason: I want to know what happen after the anime. Upvote if you like comedy.

  • @lilithr02r1 shame its completed because the author died :(

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    Considering the author died and from what I remember left the series on a massive cliffhanger I think this one might be better off avoided.

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    Oh shit, my condolences to his/her family and friends.

  • Before continuing reading my comment please know, I do not value the light novel series more than the author's life. I mean no disrespect to him or his family. If this offends you in anyway, sounds like it does value the light novel series more than author, or disrespects the author's family in anyway I am very sorry I didn't mean to in anyway, shape, or form.

    I'm on the same boat as you wanting to know what happens after the anime and who he ends up with. But with the author death (Rest in peace and I wish his family the best) we are unable to know what happens in the end.

    But is safe to say if the series did have a end he probably ended up with Mio considering all the time he spent with her, and how much she helped him with his condition. Is not a fact, this is merely a hypothesis considering all the facts in the light novel, the anime, the light novel covers and illustrations, and Mio being the main heroine.

    Yuuno probably never stood a chance from the very beginning considering that Mio seemed to be mostly the one gaining all the attention, Yuuno was ever only important during the anime when the person who caused her fear of men came back. Besides that, Mio was gaining all the attention by going on dates with Tarou, a fake wedding (maybe it was real idk tbh), helping Tarou cure his condition, Christmas, Tarou and the crew celebrating Mio's birthday, etc...

    As we all know, Mio gained feelings for Tarou during the process of trying to help him cure his condition. Which makes her a even stronger opponent to the point where Yuuno even had to be more like Mio that's how much influence Mio is causing. Tarou might have even gained feelings for Mio during the process of her trying to help him also, so if one of them were to confess the chances of them ending up together is quite high. Compared to Yuuno which clearly lacks the chances.

    If I am right on all these facts even if Tarou first loved Yuuno the chances of him loving Mio at the same time is high, and possibly even reject Yuuno if she were to confess to him because Mio became more important to him. I'm not trying to base any of these on my opinion rather on the facts, since this anime, series, characters, etc all share a similar connection to "Nisekoi".

    So if these facts are in place, the similarity to Nisekoi, and from my personal view are all correct. Than, Mio and Tarou will end up together like Chitoge and Raku in Nisekoi since they're basically both similar in how the relationship was build, and many other aspects to their behavior (not the perverted part of course).

    I would be happy and satisfied if Mio and Tarou ended up together since I am on #TeamMio. So if anything I said above offended you or lead to a misunderstanding please know is possible my own opinion was probably leaked somewhere in the text.

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  • @sinnoaria, Ahh that would be "In Another World With My SmartPhone" which the protagonist has 9 wives. And yeah, Mio and Tarou probably would have end up together since Mio is the main heroine.

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