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    Name: MM!
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    Publisher: - MF Bunko J (Media Factory)

    Volume: 12 volumes Complete (February 23, 2007 - September 24, 2010)

    Author: Akinari Matsuno

    Illustrators: QP:flapper

    Synopsis: Taro Sado is a high school student who lives his day to day life with a big secret—he's a masochist! Encouraged by his cross-dressing best friend Tatsukichi Hayama, Taro asks the Second Voluntary Club for help with his problem and ends up joining the club after they vow to "fix" him.

    However, it turns out that all of the members of the club have some serious issues. The club leader Mio Isurugi is a self-designated god who is afraid of cats, Arashiko Yuuno has a severe fear of men, and the club advisor Michiru Onigawara is a sadist who enjoys making people cosplay.

    Together with other wacky characters such as Yumi Mamiya, a talented masseuse and Yuuno's best friend, and Noa Hiiragi, the president of the invention club, they all learn about the importance of acceptance and kindness.

    Reason: I want to know what happen after the anime. Upvote if you like comedy.

  • @lilithr02r1 shame its completed because the author died :(

  • This post is deleted!

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    Considering the author died and from what I remember left the series on a massive cliffhanger I think this one might be better off avoided.

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    Oh shit, my condolences to his/her family and friends.