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    in a few of the novels listed there are chapters missing. for example in - Me, a Genius? I Was Reborn into Another World and I Think They've Got the Wrong Idea! has only part 1 of both vol 1 and vol 2 and cuts out a lot of content while vol 3 is has all parts to date. another novel that features this issue is - The Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind! with only part 1 of vol 2. and since i am paying to read the novels i would expect to be able to read the whole novel, and not just parts of it. assistance resolving this matter would be appreciated.

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    Prepubs expire some time after the final ebook is published.

    Per the FAQ:

    The pre-pub releases are available until the e-book gets published, just like the name says.

    After the final part in a volume is released, there will be a few weeks where we will do final proofreading and typesetting for the e-book, so all parts will be available at the minimum 2-3 weeks, with ~8 weeks for the first parts in each volume.

    You can see the official list of what is expiring when here:

    Note that part 1 of each volume always remains available for people to preview, and certain series that were licensed fan translations (like Rokujouma and Isekai Mahou) may have some older volumes permanently available.

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    Genius isn’t on catch-up this month right? If you read the front page, only Realist Hero and Grimgar are catch up right now. I think Genius Volume 1 expired May 15, and Volume 2 July 15. “Pre-pub” mean exactly what it stands for. “Pre-publication.” After a volume is published, pre-pubs are sent to the vault until a catch-up for the title comes.

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