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    I was getting annoyed by the unholy amount of unread notifications I got every day from threads that I never touched so I tried to figure out what could be causing it. I believe every single section has it's default as "Watching".
    While I was ignoring every single of them, I noticed another "issue".

    So my suggestions are:

    1) Default sections as "ignored" instead of "watching".
    I'm talking about
    alt text
    that causes
    alt text

    I never touched or wanted to know about those threads (be aware that I marked everything as read yesterday to clear this list), but they still appeared and gave me a notification.
    It's like Facebook giving a notification for every single post in the world, makes no sense.

    EDIT: Actually, there's a flaw in letting a section ignored.. I just created this topic and it's set as "not watching", so I won't get unread notifications, but I created this topic so I should probably get the notifications (as well as replies should), so I'm not sure what to do now. Forget, there's an option in the settings to watch your own topics.

    2) Hide deleted topics for normal users.
    So they don't see stuff like this:
    Deleted topics printscreen

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    1. The icon in your image is the unread page and not notifications, that is what other forums call "View New Content". It is normal for that page to list all new replies made since you last checked the forum/topics.

    2. I do agree with removing the deleted topics from view though. But most likely that's not something Sam has control over, it might just be how NodeBB works.

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    @terabyte said in Forum changes:

    1. I do agree with removing the deleted topics from view though. But most likely that's not something Sam has control over, it might just be how NodeBB works.

    I have begun deleting old deleted topics

    So that should help some i hope

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    I think the default id not watching actually (or that is how it is for me) and that makes it where they go into the unread but not notifications, while ignore makes it so it will not show up in the notifications or unread.

    I make all the Member forum thread as ignore because I do not really read the pre-pubs. you can do this by going to whatever forum group and selecting ignore (in my case I will not see Members Only stuff)

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    @terabyte That's why I called it "unread notifications". And yes, it's normal to have a page to show that in forums but that has a small notification (the numbers). I'm pretty sure it's actually your "watching" list, not a generic "news feed" and why would "normal" people watch every single topic made in the entire forum the moment they register?

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    @paulo-0 It's actually not the watching counter. If you are watching a topic, it will show in the notification section (the bell) as "user xyz has posted a reply to: topic name".

    @Paulo-0 : Edit: Pretty sure that nodebb doesn't support setting everything to ignored (which is what you probably want), at least not without a plugin. Next best thing you could do is setting every category to ignored.

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    @jaquobus Pretty sure it is.. I was getting unread notifications (as the number above the unread) for everything before setting all categories to ignored (like you said in the edit), now I only get unread notifications from this topic (that I selected to be watched).

    And, for some reason, I don't get that number in the "Notifications", just "Unread". :/

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    @paulo-0 well making a topic as watching I think puts it into both unread and notifications, and if you visit the topic it will clear it from unread, and clear all notification for that topic (I forget if it still shows you a notification about something like someone up-voting a comment you made even if you visit the topic that notification was in).

    I know you should have a notification that I mentioned you, and this will show as unread, so if you click the notification or the unread both will disappear.

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