• If someone can be so kind to explain to me what "reputation" is, I would really appreciate it. :) Thanks.


    Thanks for moving it :)

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    Is this the point value thingie on your account page? I think it's based on rated up posts, but I'm not too sure.

  • @Terrence I think you're right, I had 2 before this thread and when you just gave me one it went up to 3.

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    This forum comes with a reputation system which I have kept, but only upvoting (no down voting).

    Originally it had some settings which limit people's posting speed based off their reputation, i.e. you need a certain number of points before you can post more than once a minute, etc, but I'm pretty sure I've disabled that, too.

    These functions might come in handy once the forum gets bigger and harder to manage, but for now it's mostly cosmetic.