[Missing Content] How a realistic hero rebuild a country vol 4

  • Hi guys, i purchase the book with the name on the title, and when i install the latest update a couple of days ago, i notice a whole part was missing in chapter 2 around the part when they talk about the Lunarian country. Can anyone help me with this ? or is there anywhere to report this problem to ?

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    @seijiakatsuki this issue was reported before, assuming you are talking about the amazon kindle version, in which case you have to go to your amazon settings and your content and devices section to update your book.

    The issue was resolved as noted in that thread if you have any issues contact amazon support for the update, if it s not about amazon kindle version contact support@j-novel.club

    Edit: scratch all that you said you just updated your copy, i suggest trying to contact amazon support making sure you have the latest version and if they say you do email support@j-novel.club

  • hi, it is about the kindle version. and i did update it. thing is after the update i get this problem instead. while before the update it doesn't occur

  • sorry and thanks, i will try to contact amazon support. thanks again

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    @seijiakatsuki I'm pretty sure the latest version on amazon has this issue fixed... If not I need to double check...
    Edit: Yup, the latest file on Amazon is fine. Hopefully contacting amazon support will get you fixed up.

  • i did double check to see if there are any update in my content & device, but there are no update show up next to the book :( . funny thing is this only happen after update instead of before ..

  • hello everyone, thank you for your support. my problem have been solved. let's close this thread and enjoy a good tea.cheers

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