Isekai Goumon-hime (Torture Princess of Another World)

  • Synopsis : "I am 'Torturchen' Elisabeth Le Fanu, both a proud wolf and a lowly sow."

    After dying, Sena Kaito was reborn in another world and confronted with a peerless beauty, Elisabeth, who had appeared before his eyes. Introducing herself as "Torturchen," she commanded Kaito to become her servant, but he refused on the spot. When Elisabeth presented Kaito with the choice of either torture or butler, he immediately submitted and began to serve at Elisabeth's side, to accompany her until she completed her mission. Unbelievably, it turned out that Torturchen's mission as a condemned sinner was to eliminate fourteen ranked demons and their contractors!

    "Yes, indeed. I shall die, as lonely as a wolf and as pitifully as a sow."

    Ayasato Keishi x Ukai Saki! This awesome partnership offers a masterpiece of dark fantasy set in another world! Here begins the legend of world salvation, undertaken by the maiden who had been condemned by the world.

    (Well what should I say...Dark Fantasy, that´s what we are lacking with and this series is good example why we need more of Dark Fantasies - its cruel,brutal,gore well what would you expect of Dark Fantasy :D...ohh and btw Illustrator of this series is who is/was doing illustrations for Black Bullet :D that´s BONUS for me!!)
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    Publisher : MF Bunko J
    Status : Ongoing (6 volumes)
    Manga : Yes
    Illustrations of Vol.1 Illustrations of Vol.2
    They ´re First Meeting
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    @theredjet I think I've read a fan TL of its first volume, and found it intriguing. It also deserves a vote simply for using the diminutive of Tortur.

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    Darn it, how could I forget about this novel? Anyways, fuck yes, it's a great story and I'd love to see it.
    (And put it on my bookshelf while I'm at it.)

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    I bought a volume of this on Bookwalker sale. Was debating reading it in some form or just waiting to see if it gets officially picked up.

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    Licensed by Yen Press, Anime NYC 2018.

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