The Unwanted Undead Adventurer Volume 1

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    Volume 1 dousn't have continuation do i have to pay extra to be able to read it ? and if so please stop using petty tricks to make me pay extra just warn with big signs before i get membership i think you have obligation to warn when it comes these kind of things nobody reads every corner of the terms

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    @yameraremasen If you would like a refund for not understanding how membership works, e-mail and they will be happy to help you. But yes, this is not Netflix for light novels, members have access to prepublications and anything on catchup, otherwise prepubs are taken down shortly after the full book is released digitally.

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    Don’t forget J-Novel has 2 titles each month that will be readable from the very beginning.

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    you know thats not the issue here its about warnings how many people asked the same question or did get confused over this matter legal scam and you didn't answer the question do i get to read it if i upgrade to premium u know people can't just stop reading it there and if thats how it works just take down the whole volume 1(bait) its about warnings just saying

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    All volumes have a preview available to read that is just to let people know what they are getting into, it’s the same thing as reading a preview on Amazon or BookWalker.

    As @myskaros said if you are dissatisfied with the subscription method (or the lack of disclaimers) please email explain that you subscribed for a series that already has V1 locked and request a refund. They are currently at a convention in Montreal, Otakuthon but should respond after it ends.

    It is worth noting that although V1 is locked for now that will not be forever eventually the series will be on catchup and all translated volumes will be made available for subscribers.

    If Unwanted Undead is the only book you are looking to read I suggest buying the ebooks on amazon or a similar ebook platform (however you will be missing out on DRM free e-books as well as the exclusive bonus short stories on aviaobe with the JNC edition). If you decide to upgrade your account to a premium account you will receive a premium credit which you can use right away to purchase the premium edition ebook for V1 from JNC, and then you can read all of V2 and what has been currently translated for V3.

    If you wanna wait for it to pop up in a catch-up month by all means there are other really good stories that are all aviaobe currently, ultimately the choice is yours.

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    @legitpancake said in The Unwanted Undead Adventurer Volume 1:
    Don’t forget J-Novel has 2 titles each month that will be readable from the very beginning.

    can people choose the titles exclusively r ? 2 titles each month poeple get membership because they don't have patience

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    @yameraremasen no it is chosen by JNC heads m this month was Grimgar, and Realist Hero, next month (August) hasn’t been revealed yet, it is referred to as a catch-up month

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    @yameraremasen said in The Unwanted Undead Adventurer Volume 1:

    you know thats not the issue here its about warnings

    When you get to the end of part 1 and clicked "Next Part," it says in very big letters:

    Part No Longer Available
    The final e-book is now for sale!

    You may not care for "legalese," but nowhere does it say "Read the next part by becoming a member," so while it is unfortunate that you misunderstood, calling it a scam is misrepresenting the situation. Having part 1 available is marketing, it's meant to attract people into buying the e-book if they liked what they read.

    As I said, the prepublications are taken down after the e-book is published. So no, going premium does not give you access to it. The differences between member and premium are you earn a credit each month, and buying additional credits in bulk is cheaper.

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