Danshi Koukouseide Urekko Light Novel Sakka wo Shiteiru keredo Toshishita noClassmate deSeiyuu no Onnanoko ni Kubi wo Shimerareteiru. I'm aHigh School Boy and aBestselling Light Novel author strangled by myfemale classmate who ismy junior and voiceactress

  • I apologise for some words mixed together the cause was the title was too long and cound take it so i must done that..once again i apologies (mixed words are : Koukousei de,no Classmate,de Seiyuu,a High,a Bestselling, my female,is my,voice actress)

    Synopsis : I'm a high school student who became an author after debuting at Dengeki Bunko. After taking a year of hiatus from school to write my work, I transferred out to another high school to study, and met a girl called Eri Nitadori in school, a rookie voice actress cast as a character in the anime adaptation of my work.

    In school, we treat our professions as a secret. However, Nitadori's very popular in class, and I'm a loner...the only chance we get to talk to each other is when we take the Limited Express train together every Thursday, seated side by side as we head off for an anime After Recording.

    To improve her skills, she asked me questions regarding the profession. While I was answering the questions regarding the process--how did it end up like this.

    This is what I last remembered before I lost consciousness, and the story of my near-death experience.

    For those who don´t know this series is Written and Illustrated by the Same Duo of Kino no Tabi and SAO:GGO Keiichi Sigsawa and Kouhaku Kuroboshi
    alt text
    Publisher : Dengeki Bunko
    Status : Ongoing/Abandoned?/Completed? ( 3 volumes)

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    @theredjet said in TLDR:

    I apologise for some words mixed together the cause was the title was too long and cound take it so i must done that..once again i apologies

    You don't need to put the entirety of both Japanese and English titles in the post title, you know. It's nice to have, but when it causes issues like this, it's fine to just pick one...

  • @myskaros when i just see some japanese title some people doesn´t have a need to click and if you have it with english title its much better and you can lure more people to saw this series and maybe encourage them to see the series themselves

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    Personally, when I see a title that's too long or has bad grammar/punctuation/spacing, I assume it's a bot or a troll. :X

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    GGO is good, so upvote!

  • Well, to explain this title better.
    Basically, the main character seems to be the author of this up and coming isekai series and it finally got its anime adaptation.
    After missing a school year due to him focusing on writing, he finally go back to school only to find that one of his character VA is his classmate sitting near him.

    Due to their age, they got closer BUT
    There is always a but, the novel actually starts with this scene described in the title.
    Why would she want strangle him?
    What happened? What did he do that led him to this? Bad ending? Is it related to something in the past?

    Well, I think there is another catch aside from this mystery.
    It's for people who are interested in LN as industry.
    Keiichi Sigsawa is a veteran LN author, he got his work animated more than once, so he knows all the inside info and he really explains a lot of things here from things like what author gotta do to write to even stuff like what it means to be an LN author, taxes and its various forms, etc.

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    This post is deleted!

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    Interesting timing on this post. I literally just finished reading a fan translation of this the other day. The story was good and the narrative style was different and interesting. Gets my vote if for no other reason than a way to support the author/work. I can’t think of a way to discuss the story itself without dropping spoilers so I’ll leave it as a recommendation to read it and hope it gets licensed. I believe the volumes are short enough that this could sell as an omnibus.

    Time to pray...

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    @jon-mitchell If the translation goes up until the end of the third volume, let us know how "complete" it feels when you finish it.

    You can also buy the Japanese volumes to support the author / work too. If this translation is complete, I may just do that. =)


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    yes - I believe go thru the end of 3rd volume (on Baka Tsuki site)
    how 'complete' it feels is a matter of opinion-

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