Märchen Mädchen ( Fairy Tale Girls)

  • ( if you saw the anime,please give this Light novel a chance,in anime the story was altered a LOT and changed a LOT things and added some of original stuff themselves...i kinda liked it but......i gave the novel a shot and i was not dissapointed at all i even started to like it much more,trust me Light Novel of this series is far more better than the Anime adaptation and i would even recommend it to everybody than the Anime)

    Synopsis : When the two girls meet, magic begins. Hazuki Kagimura loves stories, an orthodox girl who is overly imaginative. Because her relationship with her new family does not go well, the environment sends her toward the stories in which she spends her days. One day after school, Hazuki gets lost among the bookcases of the library, leading her to a mysterious school where meets Shizuka Tsuchimikado. It is a magic school where girls (called "mädchen") are selected by the magical texts from which the world's stories are born. Hazuki herself is said to be chosen by the book of Cinderella. In order to become a true magician, Hazuki becomes friends with Shizuka and begins her new life at the school.
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    Publisher : Dash X Bunko
    Status : Completed ( 4 volumes)
    Manga : Yes
    Anime : Yes (10 episodes + 2 specials/at the start of the year 2019)
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  • @doublemangekyo than its perfect to licence it :D

  • @theredjet I'd like to add that I linked that bit of info in the hopes you'd change the "Status" part of your post to "Completed"...
    Probably should've mentioned that in my original post, sorry.

  • Concept sounded decent, made me think of the Fate series so I was really pumped when they announced the anime. It was quite a letdown. Not really the story, but animation-wise. I'd still pick up the novels though, at least in hope we get Tomohiro Matsu's earlier series

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