Arifureta Vol. 7 unable to download despite status saying available

  • Soo first off I'm rather new still, and this is the first time I've bought a preimum book the same day it's dropped.. is there a delay in the JNC-Premium book being avalable?
    It says it should be as per the "release" page, and the download page says "Downloadable August 10th"... it's 9:40pm PDT of the 10th as I type this, here on the west cost of Canada.
    Leaves me rather confused.

    Thanks for your time an also thanks to the team working on this novel.

    Edit.. got my two A months swapped.

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    The premium ebooks, unlike all other stores, are manually uploaded and contain bonus content. It usually takes a little more time to make them available. Up to 24 hours sometimes, depending on when Sam can upload them. If you still get an error by tomorrow try emailing support.

  • @terabyte
    Thanks for the reply.
    I'll check again tomorrow then at some point. :3

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    I thought I had uploaded it right?
    I will double check shortly!

  • @sam-pinansky
    I just refreshed my library, it now says I can download it, so don't know if you give it a jab or some'n in the last 3 min but it's all good now. ♥
    Thank you.

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    @istolla Ah, I see. Yes, I put it up at exactly 2 PM JST on the 10th.
    The event on the website is not actually directly linked to when the download is available, sorry! We get it up sometime during that day (+- 24 hours ;) )

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