Page count? (Reading Challenge related)

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    I'm in a reading challenge in a group, and page totals are part of the challenge. It's not a big deal to me to win the page count challenge, but I just like knowing how much I read at the end of the month.

    Is there any way to figure out the page count on the Light Novels from J-Novel Club? My first two read are going to be Grimgar and Siskan, followed by either Big Sis in a Fantasy World or Occultic;Nine.

    This isn't a huge deal or anything, I can always just mark them "can't calculate".

  • The Amazon listings have pages.

    For instance, according on Grimgar's listing, it says 268 pages.

    Not sure about any in app ways to help you, and they only seem to list pages close to release.

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    @lazyproblems Do you know where on the page to find the page counts? On mobile view I can't find it.

    That's perfect though, that's all I wanted. I just need a page amount from some source.

    Edit: Siskan's page count is 12 pages. T.T

    (LOL, I remember they said they put placeholders in for some of the listings). T.T

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    @Terrence Siskan is 214 pages according to iBooks.

    Interesting that a reading challenge would be based on page count in this day and age. An eBook page can be over 5x the size on my desktop as it is on my iPhone.

    Then again, I can't think of any other way except by whole books. So if your eBook reader says 50% or has a different page count than the listed print page, I guess you could do the math.

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    @erictbar Thanks. =)

    There's two components. Page count and Bonuses. The bonuses are fun things like "read books featuring a holiday celebration" or "read books that looks like Winter".

    I won the bonus challenge two months ago, so I picked half of the categories for bonuses this month. Stuff like "read books featuring a video game / virtual reality world" or "read books written by a Japanese author". Some of the picks this month kind of scale it in my favor, though I made some of them more festive for others to have a chance. =P

    The challenge is just for fun and brags, and it doesn't discriminate against text amount per page, so manga is fair game (most manga I read have a lot of text though surprisingly, like Inio Asano stuff, though others that are more action or scenic have less dialogue).

    Page counts I use are usually based on the print books, and yeah, I have had to do some calculations for audio books, but those are a pain, I usually just say "can't calculate" if I don't finish it in one month.

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    I would just use the page count from the Japanese release tankobon and multiple by about 70%.

    That tends to be approximately how it turns out in English if you were to print it in a standard manga sized book.

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