[MANGA] ill boy ill girl

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    Since J-Novel Club is now doing manga, i think that one could be great. It's by NisiOisiN and Akatsuki Akira, the guys who did Medaka box and the author is also the author of the monogatari series. Also it's a short serie only 3 volumes and there is no fantrad past chap 6.

    The story follow a young boy who think that every body (him inclued) is worthless and isn't able to recognise people, but one day is got a great new, he has a new incurable disease that will kill him and so make him know as the first casuality of that new disease. But unfortunatly he learn that there another person with the same disease and that she will died before him because her state is worst, so the story follow the young boy in his intent to kill that other patient, to be the first to died of the new disease.

    As you can see the story is kind of creepy and unlike any other, that's, i think, what make it so interesting.

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    NISIOISINs' name has my up-vote!