HJ Net Novel Grand Prize 2018

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    The Net Novel 2018 prize for HJ has a huge list of contestants (over 300 I believe). Figure maybe we could have some fun with this since most of the titles are accessible on Narou:


    One I was looking at that looks fun:

    "アメイジングノービス ~異世界でチートツールが使えたけど物理法則さんが邪魔をする~"
    "Amazing Novice - I used a cheat tool in the other world but the Law of Physics interferes ~"


    Rough Google Translated Synopsis:

    When flying from the VR game to the other world, the biggest enemy was neither the demon king nor the evil spirit but the "physical law".
     Although you can freely change the status and parameters with cheat skills, the physical laws of "inertia" "friction" "reaction" "heat" are too aggressive to defeat.
     If agility is raised, you will slide and fall. Even if you increase muscular strength you will be blown away. If you raise the offensive power of a weapon, it becomes heavy, so much so that it can not be handled. 
     If your status suddenly changes it is hit by a tremendous muscle pain or a headache and it is so painful that we can not change jobs because we are afraid to change the status again.


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