Kenshi wo Mezashite Nyuugaku shita no ni Mahou Tekisei 9999 nan desu kedo!?(Kenshi Mahou 9999)

  • Publisher: Softbank Creative (GA Bunko)
    Status: Complete (8 Volumes) (Manga Adaptation-Yes But NOT Licensed)
    Synopsis: Laura, who had learned special education to become a swordsman from her A-Rank adventurer father, enters the Royal Capital’s Adventurer’s School at 9-years old. Laura was filled with expectation in her heart, and at the day of the entrance ceremony, Laura’s sword aptitude value sprang out at 107. Between normal students with only 50-60 aptitude value, Laura was definitely a sword genius. But, the magic aptitude value that was measured after that was 9999! Laura was stunned, while she didn’t know what was happening she was transferred to the Magic Department. Contrary to Laura’s will, she exerts her super-genius, and instantly became stronger than the instructors.
    My thoughts: I find all the characters in this series to be adorable and the story to be very fun to read through, well for me at least and can't say much else but hopefully you'll give this series a chance!

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  • Yeah I agree this needs to get licensed. It's really nice and has the same vibe as "Didn't I Tell You Make My Abilities Average" (Seven Seas) and "I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level" (Yen Press).

    Read it raw but it would be wonderful to have an English version too.

  • series is ending with its 8th volume in June 17th!!(here is a COVER!!alt text

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    So it's complete with 8 volumes. I guess shorter (and complete) series make it a bit easier to license them. I've actually looked at the manga a while back.

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    Was the story done or axed? If it was axed I'd rather not have it in favour of others.

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    The MC is 9 years old, and with this type of novel the author can just write arc after arc endlessly, so I think there is no different between properly finishing and getting axed, and even in the latter case I think the publisher would still give the author enough time to bring it to a proper end.
    Anw, I have recently taken a liking to Riichu's illustrations, so that's one more reason to push this one forward.

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    Sorry to bring up an old thread, but as someone who has read up to LN 7 I really do think this would be a great choice for a license! The world needs more straight up fantasy LNs. Especially ones that are yuri friendly (a slight hesitant to call it "yuri" yet, even if Anne and Charlotte definitely want Laura in that way. Talking about any other facets would be venturing into actual spoiler territory). On a bit of a side note: the combat scenes in it are really nice.

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    Sounds both cute and fun, I would like to see this licensed especially since its already completed.

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