Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

  • Title: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (さくら荘のペットな彼女)/The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
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    Publisher: Dengeki Bunko
    Author: Kamoshida Hajime
    Illustrator: Mizoguchi Keeji
    Volume count: 13 Volumes (Complete)
    Manga adaptation?: Yes
    Anime Adaptation?: Yes

    Sinopse: Kanda Sorata is a second year high school art student who was recently kicked out of the school's dorm because he was found keeping a cat in his room. Sorata begins to live in the apartment house "Sakurasou", infamous for its eccentric residents. Here, Sorata is asked to take care of one of his classmates, Shiina Mashiro. Although she is a brilliant, world-class painter, she is extremely clumsy and lacking in common sense. And thus begins the story of the master and his pet.

    Why?: Because it's hell good. I need a 2nd season...

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    My take: a unique romantic comedy set in a boarding house full of weird, artsy high-schoolers. The story focuses on the insecurities of the MC who is trying to become a computer game designer but his game proposals are constantly turned down, and he can't help but feel substandard in the face of a new girl who moved in and is a world famous artist. A lot of the comedy comes from the fact that she lacks common sense and living ability and the MC dealing with that. Focus is also given to the problems and insecurities of the other residents too.

    I remember really liking the anime, and I think this would be a unique series for JNC to license. We only have a handful of romcom, slice of life light novels set in our world available, so it's definitely a genre that could use more love. I think those who read Kokoro Connect, A Sister's all You Need, or Toradora would like this series for its comedy stemming from its dysfunctional cast and the real life drama involved in the jealousies and insecurities of teenagers worried about living life after school is over.

    The fact that it's complete and not too long I think are good selling points too.

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    I've heard the ending to the light novel made a lot of people mad.

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    I've heard that light novel itself is pretty bad and anime has improved on most of things...

  • Tbh I totally agree. If JNC were to license it I wouldn’t read it. The anime IMO was good and had a solid ending. I don’t want to ruin that good ending by reading the LN. Not many animes have an actual good ending.
    Still upvoted for those that don’t care.

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    I thought the ending was decent.

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    I'm like on episode 16 of the anime now. I saw some comments that the LN and Anime have very different 'endings'. Do they both 'end' at the same place chronologically? I might be interested in reading (as an alternate history type spin) especially if the LN takes the story further than where the anime 'ends'

    if not - I might just pass. I'm liking the anime and don't want to spoil it

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    @jon-mitchell The anime ends with the start of the new school year. The wikipedia entry says, "The anime only adapted up to volume 6 of the light novels."