A Simple Survey

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    A Simple Survey
    A Simple Monitoring

    Written by Kazuma Kamachi
    Illustrated by Haimura Kiyotaka (Survey) and Kasai Shin (Monitoring)
    Published by Dengeki Bunko
    2 volumes

    A group of college students participate in a psychology experiment that leaves them questioning the nature of reality.

    We all know Kazuma Kamachi is ridiculously prolific, but what's even more amazing is that he has more ideas than he can turn into novels. So he turned a bunch of them into a short story collection. But that wasn't enough for him. Instead of leaving it as a simple collection, he added a frame story. And not just a normal frame story, but a choose-your-own-adventure in which your reaction to the short stories determines which girl you end up with.

    These books haven't gotten as much attention as his novels, but Survey is one of his best works -- just crazy idea after crazy idea, wrapped with an intriguing meta-narrative that will leave you wishing he'd do more stuff like this.

  • With Index (apparently) not selling so well, I'm not very hopeful when it comes to more Kamachi works getting officially translated.
    But yeah, I'd definitely support this if it ever got licensed.

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    I would love to read these short stories.

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    I find Index to be quite mediocre, so i hope thoose stories are better, but i would definitely love to try a choose-your-own-aventure Ln.

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    So how did I not know about these until now!?

    I have a soft spot for choose-your-own-adventure books (enjoyed them quite a bit as a kid), and a CYOA LN would be great! Upvoted for sure.

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