Tobenai Chou to Kara no Shachi

  • Title: Tobenai Chou to Kara no Shachi (飛べない蝶と空の鯱)/ Wounded Butterfly and Orca of the Sky
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    Publisher: Gagaga Bunko (Shogakukan)
    Author: Fuminori Teshima
    Illustrator: Ukai Saki
    Volume count: 6 Volumes (Complete)
    Manga adaptation?: No
    Anime Adaptation?: No

    Sinopse: "It's a promise. We will fly together, until the farthest end of the sky".
    In a drifting world, where islands are floating above mists and where monsters are swimming inside those mystic mists unfolds the story of Will, an "Armed Postman" whose job is to deliver peoples desires and emotions contained in an "Envelope", and Jessica, a mysterious girl.
    Will is bad at reading the winds while Jessica is afraid of flying due to a trauma in the past. These two people who cannot complement each other and cannot fly have the same dream which others wouldn't think of: to challenge the mist of death and find out what is at the farthest end of the sky. A refreshing fantasy adventure of a two-seated "Winged Ship", flying above the clouds.

    Why?: The art is beautiful and the story seems very promising. By the way, the same author of "An Archdemon's Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride".

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    Spotlight time! A friendly bump to an older post that hasn't had any recent conversation and is lower on votes in order to draw attention to it.

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    I do like the art. Has anyone read it who can vouch for the story, or tell more about it than the blurb?

  • It's basically the book that rekindled my interest in LNs like, six years ago or so.

    Trying to explain much more of the plot than the blurb gives would start to get pretty spoilery, but suffice to say Will and Jessica's adventures bring them into contact with ancient magics, powerful weapons, and all sorts of other neat stuff like that.

    It's a fun adventure, the setting is really enchanting, and the dynamics between the characters are really well-played and fun to watch. Frankly, the story sorta devolves over the volumes into something that feels like a cookie cutter JRPG from the 2000s, but it never got so atrocious that I stopped reading it.

    Saki Ukai's art is great, too.

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    Same author as Elf Bride, I gotta upvote. Too bad it's a non JNC-friendly publisher :/

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