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  • mx0. Its a manga of 10 volume ( i know that it has complete fan translation. But it is one of the best manga i had read. The thing i want to say to jnc is to read it, but license it only if they think they can bring its hard copy (i know jnc is digital release but i just want its hard copy. I dont know why other manga publisher left this masterpiece.)

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    We actually already have a topic on the light novel. Go there and give an upvote and maybe a post to bump the topic up for support.

    I'd maybe change this thread to being about that manga to avoid a lock. =]

    Here's the mx0 cover (you can quote me to copy the code):

    alt text

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    Instant upvote from me. One of my favorite manga series, was super disappointed to hear it got canceled, and Kano hasn't really had a hit since :(

    After Kuzumi Taiga bombs his high school interview, he forlornly wanders there anyway on the first day of school. He runs into a teacher who mistakenly thinks he's a student trying to skip class. Except... this teacher is floating above the 10-foot fence, and he forcefully drags Taiga onto the campus... by melding their arms together! This is actually a school that teaches magic! (No wonder he failed the interview!)
    After causing mayhem around school, Taiga manages to defeat the teacher... but also accidentally leads all the other students to believe he can use incredibly strong magic. Facing severe punishment, and finding out that the teacher, Hiiragi Kenjirou, will also be forcefully removed for causing the situation, he makes a suggestion... wouldn't everything be fine if he were a student?
    So Taiga gets admitted and the incident is played off as training... but Taiga still can't use magic! If anyone finds out... he and Hiiragi will be thrown out! He has to pretend until he learns to use real magic! And wait, the girl he's got a crush on is Mr. Hiiragi's daughter?! Hijinks ensue!

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    I remember reading this manga scanlation quite a while back and I really liked it. Too bad that it got axed and has an open ending though... :(

  • Well its the only manga which i hadnt read after vol 1 and some ch of vol 2. I hadnt read it because i wanted its hard copy no matter what (the only open ending manga for which i want hardcopy). Well JNC if you license it then you may get it cheap as it has open ending and was not that popular in japan (even though it was great).

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    I actually own all 10 volumes (raw) for this series which is one of my favorites.

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