I Was Summoned to a Different World, But I Was Forcibly Repatriated Back To Japan Because of My Weight, So I Decided To Lose It

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    "I Was summoned to a Different World, but I was Forcibly Repatriated Back To Japan Because of My Weight, so I Decided To Lose It"



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    What Is This?

    It's a light novel about a boy who was summoned to another world. Unfortunately, he's rejected as he is found to be too overweight to be capable as a hero. They send him back to Japan, but somehow the princess gets accidentally sent back too. In order to get her back to her world, he needs to lose enough weight that they'll open up the Gate for him as a hero.

    Meanwhile, based on the inserts, it looks like

    I don't know, looks fun. Vibrant cover and illustrations.

    How Many Volumes Is It?

    Volume 2 is right around the corner, October 10th release.

    Who is the Publisher?

    TO Books

    Does it Have a Manga?

    It has a Web Manga being released by chapter for sale (looks like 3 chapters so far). Appears the princess becomes his trainer. Very cute drawings. =]


    Who is the Author?

    Author: Shigure Age
    Level:? What?
    Weight: 80kg 【Ideal weight 58kg】
    A society person living in the Chubu region. I looked at the book of carbohydrate-free diet and tried doing it skeptically, but I succeeded in losing weight from 78 kg to 58 kg in half a year, thinking of the outline of this work. Now I am rebounding, so I'm thinking about dieting again if it gets warmer.

  • @terrence Looks interesting to me and the title .. Ohh BOY!!! :D

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    I kind of fudged the title a bit, lol.

    Google Translated it as "I was summoned as a different world but I was forcibly repatriated, but I decided to let it go"

    Microsoft Translated it as: "I was summoned to a different world, but I was forced to be deported"

    So Microsoft's doesn't have the "I Decided to Let it Go" part. But, since weight loss is a part of the story, I threw that in there. I gotta learn Japanese one of these days. xD

    Edit: I'm not crazy, Microsoft Translator is just terrible. xP

    Yaseru koto ni shita
    I decided to lose weight

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    So I guess this is a reverse-isekai then? Looks like it'll be fun, so I'll give it an upvote.

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    ...I really should start a carb-free diet too.

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    If anyone is interested, I saw an English version of one of those big color title pages from the manga on Twitter.

    So someone out there is interested enough in this series to put in the effort to typeset the title page and make their English equivalent title. =]


    Edit: Manga cover.

    alt text