[MANGA] Denki gai no Honya-san

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    alt text


    Publisher Media Factory
    15 books released
    Anime adaptation?: Yes

    Synopsis: Umio is a shy kid who just started his part time job at a manga store smack dab in the middle of the city. But his lifestyle isn't as glamorous as the neon lights that illuminate the city. Umio's closest friends are his co-workers who are all unique characters, to say the least, and although they're nice people, they have their quirks. They are a tight knit group of friends, have nicknames for each other and spend their weekends inside, sheltered from the extravagant scene happening on the outside. The point of view of the story isn't only told through his eyes it also shifts between all the characters. It gives a deeper insight to all the characters because you get to see all of there lives.

    It is a nice, calming and funny. It has a lot of feel good moments and humorous as well. You feel invested in the lives of the characters and hope to see them achieve what they want. You feel good when they succeed, you feel sad when they fall. As you read you feel like you're working along side them and it fall in love with all the main characters.

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    That seems to be a manga series, not light novel. Since J-Novel is soon to start licensing manga soon, I guess you could give it a shot at recommending. Providing a synopsis, # of volumes, Japanese publisher, author, first volume cover image, and why you would like JNC to get it would be helpful in getting people to vote for it.
    I never watched the anime so I know almost nothing of the series.

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    I just can not up-vote this one right now. having at the very least a synopsis at minimum would be nice. you can use the official synopsis at the back or use your own words. I feel like @Terrence the pink mustachio blob makes suggestion that I can see people up-voting purely based off the effort that blob puts in (especially some of the older ones). I think an important thing is how you feel and conveying that to everyone else; Passion is attractive.

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    For reference, I myself use this simple format whenever I make a suggestion. Just think that if you were reading someone else's post about "I want this series to be licensed," what would you like to see there? That's the information you should put in your own posts.

    Picture (usually cover of book 1)
    LNDB link (or whatever site you want, basically another place to look for more information)

    # of books released
    Anime adaptation?: Yes/No

    Synopsis: You can copy from another site, but I personally like to write my own.

    Why someone might like this series: Basically, my salesman pitch for why someone should upvote this post.

  • I definitely would like to see some manga on JNC. Right now, CR is really the only 'streaming' site for manga.

    I'm not going to do it all the way, but I assume that it should be something like this:

    LNDB link: https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=66042

    Publisher: ? Media Factory
    Volumes released: ? 15 Volumes
    Anime adaptation?: Yes

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    @legitpancake oh yeah I forgot it was a manga and not a light novel

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    @sinnoaria ty for posting right way for me. I didnt know there was a format for suggestions

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    @myskaros ty for the format structure

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    @drone205 I fixed it up. Is it good the way it is now?

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    @xtrlsidma well you have my up-vote now.

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    @xtrlsidma The format isn't compulsory or anything, it just helps "sell" your suggestion to other forum users. Case in point - before you edited I was "meh" & passed over this thread, since you put a bit more detail in there I upvoted it.

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    @drone205 thank you

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    @smashman42 thank you

  • Like smash said, the important part is selling the suggestion. If you want people to go "I agree", you either need a lot of people who are already interested (in which case, someone probably would have already made the suggestion), or you need to convince people to agree.

    Take this as an example of one way to try to convince people:

    What happens when a group of perverts work at a bookstore? Explore the fun and playful bookstore with quirky cast members. In one corner, laugh with the batty zombie lover who loves any form of zombie to death. In the other, enjoy the almost innocent reactions of the self-proclaimed pervert who seems all too easily embarrassed.

    With such a varied cast, it is hard not to laugh at their antics, but despite the humor, be prepared to develop a bond with these hard workers. Watch their struggles as they put their all into everything they do. With every success, you celebrate with the group. With each failure, you wish to reach out and comfort them.

    In a modern day where it is all too easy to be apathetic, this manga draws the empathy of a caring heart. Can you resist the pull? Do you even want to?

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    @sinnoaria ty 4 the further Input

  • @xtrlsidma No problem I guess? Hopefully that help with suggestions in the future. It would be nice if we could see some Manga in JNC.

    There are definitely many ways to appeal to people. As a writer myself, I have my own ways of doing it. (It is also why unless I'm in a rush or on the phone, I usually attempt to use somewhat proper grammar. That said, most of my grammar follows British standards instead of American standards.)

    The appeal method should also be based on the target audience. This could differ slightly from the media's intended audience. For example, if a novel focuses on attracting young adults in general, the target audience could be a focused group, such as young females. It could also be a wider group, such as appealing to non-adults (including children). Another possibility is to focus on an audience that the media normally wouldn't be intended for, such as trying to get adults interested in watching a children's anime.

    This has a lot to do with advertisement and marketing among other fields, so I won't go into details. (Even if I wanted to, I'm not exactly a master of either field.) If you really wanted to go all out, you could easily take classes on your own.

    Just some food for thought.

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