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    Winner of the 24th Dengeki Novel Prize

    Publisher: Dengeki Bunko
    Author: U Pa
    Illustrator: Shouji Sato
    Complete at 3 Volumes
    No anime or manga at this time
    Website for the first novel
    Website for overall series

    Premise: The Witch of Tata is one of those so-called “isekai” stories that have been doing the rounds lately. But the focus of the narrative is less on the fantasy world or the adventuring, and much more on the social commentary on modern Japan. One day, a witch appears in a Japanese high school and grants the wishes the students wrote in their middle school graduation book. This results in the entire grade being transported to a fantasy world because of somebody's wish to “escape” the world. As the students come to terms with the wishes they made, they have to fight to survive in a dangerous world completely unlike their own. The book is written like a documentary, following the story of hundreds of students instead of a single protagonist. And despite some tacky moments, it's ultimately more thoughtful than you'd expect about the social pressures that face young adults in Japan. (source)

    Doesn't seem like there are any translated descriptions, so I went with what Frog-Kun wrote about it a while back on ANN. I've seen them write about this a couple times, and it sounds like it could be pretty interesting. Frog-kun also wrote about this in some more detail in a blog today, but I stopped before it got into the spoiler discussion.

    Basically, it seems like an interesting and slightly different take than the normal Isekai series out there right now. I think it could be a cool blend of fantasy, survival and Isekai series. Sort of a dark fairy tale.

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    There's some kind of RPG Maker preview or something? Probably some spoilers there if it does relate.

    Here's the book preview (not too much new there art wise vs what is on the cover).

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    are the 2 volumes stand alone novels? (does volume 1 come to some conclusion if volume 2 ins't a sequel/continuation?) I ask cuz not sure I should endorse an 'orphan'

    I like the premise/ looking at isekai from a different angle

  • @jon-mitchell My understanding is that the first volume does come to a conclusion, and doesn't need a sequel. I did MTL the synopsis of the second novel, and the sequel occurs two years after the first, but I am not sure if any of the characters carry over (other than perhaps the witch). I know with something like American Horror Story, each season is its own story, but they have certain characters and things that cross over.

    When you say orphan, you just mean something that is incomplete? Because it does sound like each story completes itself.

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    Yea that’s it exactly. It drives me nuts when I get into a story and am left hanging

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    One very good reason to upvote this: the illustrations are by Shouji Sato, the manga artist behind Triage X and Highschool of the Dead.

  • Art by Shouji Satou. I'm sold.

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    Volume 3, releasing February 9th, is the final volume according to Bookwalker, another short completed series. I know some wait to see if a series is complete or no to throw in support. =)

    Completed series list sorted by release date for the curious.

    Volume 3 cover:

  • @terrence Updated the main post with info and the cover. Thanks for posting, I meant to come back after I saw Frog-kun tweeting about it, but never got around to it.

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    Kinda too bad we never got this one (at least yet).

    Was perusing some Japanese language works on sale and saw this one, and remembered Frog hyping it a bit. It'd be nice to get some short completed 3 volume series like this or Holy Grail of Eris.

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    Witch of Tata?

    <looks at Volume covers>

    Witch of Tata('s) indeed...

    No but the story does look pretty interesting. I'd read it for sure.

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