Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei (Goodbye Dragon Life, Hello Human Life)

  • An Ancient Dragon, born at the beginning and lasting through eternity, finally meets his end at the hands of those who he had fought with and protected, the heroes of humanity. He feels very little at this unexpected end, only a sense of relief at the end of his endless vigil—

    —only to awaken once more in the body of a newly-born child! Though the new eyes of a human, this ancient soul rediscovers a desire towards life and begins living every day within the simple confines of his new humanity, intent to enjoy and live fully this new life that he has been given.

    But things are never simple in a land filled with such beings as Ancient Dragons. A young man now, Dran, as he is now named, will be faced with dangers that threaten those he holds dear. Possessing the power of his ancient soul but wanting to live a simple, mortal life of a villager, will Dran be able to protect his loved ones while simultaneously protecting his everyday life?

    This is the story of an ancient soul with a renewed purpose as he draws in interesting, beautiful friends and, together, enjoys a "simple" human life.

    This series has been a long-held favorite of mine. It was well worth the long waits in between updates for the fan translation. Now I'm hoping that this series can get the love that it deserves in an officially licensed version in English. If you guys can manage this, that alone would be reason enough for me to pay for your service.

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    Original publisher (according to NU): Alpha Polis

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    Going to link to this post in the index since there's actual info on the series.

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