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    Hi checking to see if the missing parts will become available in the future or do I need to buy the ebook to read it. I know they can't post it 365 but just hoping it has a on/off season.

  • @shuugo7 it could be months before Realist Hero has another catch up month. I’m fairly certain it happened a few months ago. I’ll edit in what month it had a catch up on when I find out tho.
    Looks like Realist had a catch up on July. So next one will probably be next year. Not saying it with 100% certainly tho.

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    There is no set schedule for when series get a catchup period. It's recently followed the pattern of 2 a month, and presumably it'll go though most of the series before coming back to realist, so you can get a rough guess by looking at total series and when it was last on catchup.

    It's also possible there could be another special catchup period where it comes back earlier than the normal cycle.

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    Realist Hero was on catchup in July, you can check previous series on catchup here:

    Personally I don't think it will be on catchup again until next year at least.

  • @terabyte that was my guess. Specially since it happened quite recently.

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    @hyferzftw Hmm, somehow it didn't load your reply until I refreshed the page. I didn't see it before replying lol

    But yeah, the only way I see Realist Hero being on catchup earlier is maybe an anniversary catchup event or something.

  • @terabyte I edit my post A LOT. Like seriously really often.

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    @hyferzftw No no, the whole post was missing. I saw only hatguy12's post being added right before I clicked submit on mine. Must have been a weird one-off forum bug :D

  • @terabyte lol wtf. Makes me think of the reddit stealth bans. Where you could be soft banned and not even know unless you write a command to a certain bot. It doesn’t let people read your posts which can be an asshole move by the mod that did it to you.

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    Thanks everyone for your reply. 😄

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    If you buy the premium ebooks from JNC instead of the regular ones from somewhere else, there are bonus stories not part of the catch-up / web version:

    (copy-pasted from the Premium Content thread here)

    How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

    Volume 1: 6 store exclusive short stories
    The Little Tanuki Princess of Amidonia
    Aisha: Day of Departure
    Tomoe's People-Watching Diary
    Juna - Better Days Are Coming
    What They Wanted to Be
    Liscia: Picking an Outfit

    Volume 2: 6 store exclusive short stories & a Color Pinup!
    Aisha in the God-Protected Forest
    Juna and Excel
    Ludwin and XXX
    Getting Dressed by Liscia
    Tomoe and Poncho's Behind the Scenes Work
    The Little Tanuki Princess on the Night Before the Final Battle

    Volume 3: 5 store exclusive short stories
    Aisha and Juna's Secret Pact
    Liscia's Happy Family Get-Together
    Jeanne and Hakuya's Joint Complaining Session
    In the Refugee Camp
    Maid Training

    Volume 4: 5 store exclusive short stories
    Liscia and Aisha's Emergency Conference
    Roroa's Mistaken Order
    The Association for Victims of Masters: Now Seeking New Members
    Poncho and Serina: A Bizarre Midnight Snacking Session

    Volume 5: 5 store exclusive short stories
    Program Production Conference
    Castor's Marine Diary
    The Fiancees' Guarding Techniques
    Fried on the Grill Every Day
    On a Corner During the Spring Announcement Festival

    Volume 6: 8 store exclusive short stories
    Tomoe, Holding Down the Fort
    Naden and the Royal Capital
    Poncho Becomes a Governor
    Juna and Roroa Demand Answers
    Ruby Goes to Hal’s Family Home
    The What-If Known as Discarded Setting Elements
    Liscia in Recovery
    The Former King and Queen are Enjoying the Slow Life

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