Request: Muv-Luv Alternative LNs

  • For the sake of having some mecha and sci-fi on the site, I'd like to see you guys and gals pick up the Muv-Luv Alternative light novels, particularly Total Eclipse and Schwarzesmarken, both of which started off as light novels and were later adapted into anime (both are on Crunchyroll).

    In the case of Total Eclipse, franchise fans have longed for this title for a while, because the anime ends only part-way through the story, so we don't know how it ends (without looking for spoilers on the wiki).

    (Note: I've tried twice to submit this to the Suggestions & Feedback forum, and each time it's been filed under Games. Apologies if it gets mis-posted again. This time I'm using Chrome instead of Safari)

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    Ah muvluv. I helped subtitle Total Eclipse for CR back in the day...

    The books are published by Enterbrain (now part of Kadokawa), so they are on our radar, if not a bit tricky politically. There are some muv luv fans among our translators, that's for sure.

  • @Sam-Pinansky said in Request: Muv-Luv Alternative LNs:

    Ah muvluv. I helped subtitle Total Eclipse for CR back in the day...

    I don't know whether to say "thank you" or "I'm sorry you had to go through that". That second season of TE is a real slog. 24 episodes (25 with the recap) to cover only 4 LNs is a pretty dire pace.

  • I'll second the motion.

    Hope it pans out.

  • how about we don't but say we did

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    \o/ I would love this, but urgh kadokawa please be nice to us here~

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