More titles getting a print release

  • Amazon has 2 more JNC series listed with paperbacks.

    The Magic in This Other World Is Too Far Behind!

    If It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord

  • JNC are absolute madlads. r/madlads
    All jokes aside though, this means they would have 4 LNs listed with paperbacks, if I am not mistaken.
    Man that is nice, especially since I am not a big fan of ebooks and they have some series I am interested in getting.
    Keep em coming!

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    @happy I call them madlads even more that they are releasing both volumes 1&2 of Smartphone and Demon Lord on the first day lol.

    But this is pretty awesome. If something as recent as Isekai Mahou can get a print, I’m really crossing my fingers for Elf Bride! :P

  • @legitpancake
    Haha, true.
    Saw some manga chapters of elf bride and they were enjoyable. Wouldnt mind getting my hands on something fluffy down the line. From their current line-up I guess I want Amagiri Brilliant Park and Outbreak company printed, even though outbreak company is probabaly never gonna happen. We'll unless they make some big bucks and decide they dont mind printing some.

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    Do these have an anime announced (yet)?

    I'm a little surprised, just because I didn't think they were series topping the sales lists whenever Sam leaks the top sellers. Though it's probably also true that the top sellers are already getting a print run, and these may be next in line down the list. If It's for My Daughter in particular seems like it could be off-putting to possible general readers because of ... spoilers, though I be overly biased by my own reaction there.

    If there's not already an anime announced, it's making me vaguely suspicious this is preempting an announcement. Or print could just be a reasonable strategy for second tier sellers (if I'm correct in calling them second tier).

  • @hatguy12 I believe For My Daughter is the 4th best seller.

    Isekai Mahou is in the top 10 above Isekai Maou

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    I stand corrected (and surprised) then. I must not have been paying enough attention to Sam's leaks.