Just a few recommendations for light novel

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    Just a few recommendations:

    "Isekai Meikyu No Saishin Bu Wo Mezaso" by Tarisa Waranai

    "Date a Live" by Koshi Tachibana

    "When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace" by Kota Nozomi

    "Hanaki So No Hitobito" by Takamori Miyuki (it won a novella award)

    "Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere" by Minoru Kawakami

    "Bladedance of Elementalers" by Yu Shimizu

    "Milk Princess" by Kanzaki Misora (yeah, it's an erotic novel...)

    "Rising x Rydeen" by Yoichi Hatsumi (Germany loves this one...)

    "Kawa Mi No Kishi Aruberuto Imbina Majo to Irekawatta Nikutai" by Kawa Kei (yeah, it's an erotic novel...)

    "Granblue Fantasy" by Miyabi Hasegawa

    "Mitou Shoukan Blood Sign (The Unexplored Summon://Blood Sign) by Kamachi Kazuma (also the author of "Heavy Object" and "Waltraute-San no Konkatsu Jijo")

    My personal favorite:
    "Isekai Yakkyoku" (Another World Pharmacy) by Liz Takayama

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    It is best to make an individual topic for each series you are requesting, that way others can show support for each individual series.

    Also it will probably help if you include a small blurb about the series and maybe why you feel that title would fit well into JNC’s catalog.

    I will be locking this topic down.

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