Ashita, Kyou no Kimi ni Aenakutemo

  • This one is right up galge's fans alley!

    Title: Ashita, Kyou no Kimi ni Aenakutemo
    Translated Title: See you tomorrow, even though you won't be what you are...
    Status: Complete (1 volume)

    alt text


    "I like you."

    On the night of the summer festival Yura Touya's younger sister confessed to him and stole his first kiss. But the problem is, Touya wasn't sure who she was. The reason is, his younger sister holds three personalities within her, and the four of them were in the midst of a Kagome Game.

    Without knowing which personality is his real sister, there is only one way for her to return to being an ordinary girl. That is, to grant the wishes of the other personalities and let them disappear from the world. These girls each shoulder their own individual feelings after the night of the summer festival. One girl wants to perform music, one girl wants to sprint, and the last wants to experience love. Even if they turn out to be a fake personality, they all want to remain themselves until the very end.

  • I think it would be a interesting read, but the market seems to be a bit to young for it - everything that is +18 (that I can think of) are mangas only licensed by SS, so I dont know how many publishers would be willing to license this, especially since I dont think we have any incest type stories out there, and everything is manga not LN.

    Maybe in the future. Got my upvote though.

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  • @happy
    Never said it's 18+
    When I mentioned "eroge", I meant the type of the story.
    Since, the volume structure is a bit similar to conquering various girls (even tho, it's one body)

    I think I should change it into galge.

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    So MC can conquer all "3" girls in one vol huh? Not that a normal eroge has that much content if ever be compiled into a novel.
    That can be an interesting read since I'm also an eroge fan xD

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