App Feature Suggestions

    1. Be able to filter within a series, so you only see ebooks, previews, members only and so forth.
    2. Be able to bundle volumes, so it's easier to read a series during it's "catchup month".
    3. Be able to create some kind of "favourite" or "liked" library, so you can easily access only the series you're interested in.
    4. Add a notification system which sends out a notice for whenever a new chapter for a series you've signed up for notifications is released.
    5. Add a button to the homescreen which allows you to see the upcoming chapters, and not only the recently released once. This should also make it easy to also see when a full ebook will get published, so you know how long you have to read it.
    6. Let the screen brightness stay the same as the system settings, so you don't get blinded by the app if you've for eg. read during the day (high brightness) and then don't pick it up again before going to sleep (low brightness).
    7. (have seen other members request this too) Be able to sort all series (for eg. alphabetically, last opened, etc)

  • Premium Member

    That's a great list of features that would make a real difference.